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“Fernando Alonso Is Going To A Team That Is Ninth” & More Latest News Here

French Labour’s CEO explains why they can’t keep Fernando Alonso

“With Piastri, we guarantee long-term development,” Rossi said.

Fernando Alonso’s march to Aston Martin continues to present something to talk about.This Alpine CEO Laurent RossiIt has now been explained why They can’t keep Alonso in the French workforce.

“We can’t commit to more than two years because Working with Piastri, we have options for over three years. We have always been clear that we should always focus on the long term. long known as oscar piastri”, defines Laurent Rossi in a statement collected from Auto & Sport.

Alpine’s CEO also owns touch two world champions: “Fernando is out of date at 41, in two years he could be 43. Autumn can be from one 12 months to another of that age. We cannot make dangerous irrational choices. He shouldn’t be bothered by offering 1 12 months plus different options. I can only assume you just got a bigger supply elsewhere. We are not happy but not resentful“.

Laurent Rossi also wants to see Fernando Alonso’s new hire: “Do you think a two or three-year contract makes a big difference for him? Now he’s off to the ninth-placed racing team in the Formula 1 World Championship. That means rebuilding the work you’ve already done with us. In sporting terms, he’s far less dangerous to keep going in the Alps.

“Fernando Alonso’s workforce is ninth”
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“Fernando Alonso’s workforce is ninth”
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“Fernando Alonso’s workforce is ninth”
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