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Firefox Browsing for Power Users • The Register

There are tons of choices for internet browsers, and we’re not going to try to convince you that one of them is perfect. Still, Chrome’s steadily growing market share means that many people don’t know how to get the most out of their browser’s tricks, as there are still some issues you can’t simply get in Chrome Firefox and its ilk.

After all, some of the problems with Chrome and its derivatives like Microsoft Edge are that they give your information and credentials to large, profitable companies. In addition, browsers that are primarily based on Google code limit the functionality of ad blockers.

Courageous’ advertising and marketing suggest this is a privacy-conscious choice, but we doubt it. Courageous experimented with cryptocurrency and actually had his personal. register FOSS Desk believes that all cryptocurrencies are Ponzi schemes and that alone can be our Satan…but there are extras. Courageous has a history of rewriting affiliate hyperlinks by default and pocketing the proceeds. His boss, Brandon Eich, left Mozilla, naturally, because of its controversial support for anti-gay marriage laws.

However for us register The killer feature that puts Firefox above most Chrome-based browsers is FOSS Desk, vertical tabs. Even if you’re not used to it when browsing loads, you’ll have to try to get used to the vertical tab bar. You will have a complete benefit record:

  • They are more environmentally friendly with the practical properties of horizontal displays, which are abundant in stylish widescreen shows
  • When horizontal tabs shrink to no-info icons, you may open dozens of them at once and still understand their titles
  • (Optional) You’ll be able to prepare them in layers, group associated tabs, and hide, present, or bookmark teams
  • Larger minimum tab measurements allow tabs to display general data for each web page
  • Finally, some add-ons to help you search or type tags

Vivaldi can do this, although our tests show that its vertical tabs don’t work well with new email consumers. Microsoft’s Edge has a pretty decent mockup. We’ve also learned that Courageous is trying it out with his solo show, but we haven’t tried it yet.

There are some Chrome plugins that can disguise it, but not on all sites, and worse, they don’t disguise the built-in horizontal tabs on the home screen – so you just lose the extra display-actual property as an alternative to saving the house.

is excellent value for money. Try it once a week and we guess you’ll convert, thanks. However, there are additional instruments available. For readability, this also works with current Firefox forks water fox and LibreWolf. With some experimentation, you will be able to get results related to Pale Moon, Basilisk or Sea Monkey.

Firefox has several vertical tab addons, so you can choose according to the functionality you need

Firefox has many vertical tab addons, so you can choose mainly based on the options you need

If there is only one target evidence to convince you, then a completely different extension that implements this functionality is completely different. We tried 5. Reloaded vertical tabs have a simple, flat implementation, but have a huge problem: you can’t drag a tab out of a window and make it a personal window, nor can you advance a tab from a window to another window.

Sidebery brings some interesting new options, like bookmarks in the sidebar, but we found it to be a little choppy. The Tab Heart reborn work and its tabs evolved so that when you opened it too little to have room, it would show two traces of description. The tree model tab is undoubtedly one of the oldest extensions of its kind and is customizable and even has personal extensions. We advocate this when you like layered tab bars. Still, if you’re new to vertical tabs, we recommend protecting it from simple vertical tabs, which only do the basics and nothing extra.

When you pick and drop in, you’ll find a whole new downside: now you’ve got two tab bars. An unfortunate change to the current “quantum” variant of Firefox is that extensions can’t simply disguise or close the built-in tab bar, which is certainly one of the reasons we generally really think that Mozilla’s goal is to ignore customizability lately. But fear not, you can still do it. All that is required is a tiny configuration file.

Waterfox customers are prepared from the initial setup, but if you use upstream Firefox, you must allow such customizations first.Enter about:config inside the handlebar and make sure the warning appears.Type “Legacy” in the search field, it’s best to look at the setting called “Legacy” toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets. Usually it is set to false; double click on the phrase to toggle it true.

Now you want to decide where to place the file. The stylish variant of Firefox disguises the menu bar in another attempt by Mozilla to mimic Chrome.We love traditional menus, so let’s open them again: press Alt to open the menu, go to appearancethen down toolbar and tick Menu Bar. Now go to the secondary menu and select Additional troubleshooting data. On this monitor there is a line called Profile list This contains a public listing button. Click on it and it will open your Firefox profile folder.Create a brand new folder there with a title chrome (all lowercase).Go to a brand new folder and create a brand new file called userChrome.css. Here you will see the setting to hide the tab bar.

Open the brand new file in a text content editor, copy and paste it:

/* to cover the native tabs */
#TabsToolbar { visibility: collapse !necessary; }
/* to cover the sidebar header */
#sidebar-header {
    visibility: collapse;

Save the file and restart the browser.

If someone at Mozilla is working on this, you can You’re welcome Make this course a little easier? That might be fine. thank you very much.

Firefox Sync preserves bookmarks, passwords and many other things when you frequently use several laptops. Sync with each other, and it also works between Firefox, Waterfox and LibreWolf (although in the latter you have to allow it in settings first).

Mozilla has dozens of extension sites. Here are our must-haves. UBlock Origin saves a lot of interference from the network (but we would appreciate if you whitelist yourself register). Multithreaded fetch supervisors moved DownThemAll as our favorite fetch supervisor a while back. Tab Hunter can quickly find misplaced tabs between multiple main windows. Disabling autoplay stops many annoying self-starting movies. Generally, Firefox Sync results in multiple copies of some bookmarks, in which case bookmark crooks fix it.

Your browser toolbar can get a little cluttered once you have a dozen add-ons, but there's a solution

Your browser toolbar can be a little cluttered after getting a dozen add-ons, but there are solutions

Once you’ve put all this in, your toolbar may start to get a little cluttered, but that’s just fixed. Right-click anywhere on the toolbar, select Customize Toolbar, and assign the less-used additional icon to the overflow menu. You can also remove unwanted separators or controls by simply dragging them out of the toolbar, optionally hiding the title bar, and more.

Customize your toolbar and easily drag less-used buttons to the overflow menu.

Customize your toolbar by simply dragging less used buttons to the overflow menu

The record has too many additional optimizations and changes.Among the many sensible choices, we like “scale text content only” (in View | Zoom menu), which preserves the unscaled photo and formatting when zooming out and out. In addition to controlling media playback and most of the different functions, there are separate keys for zooming entire web pages or just text content. There is a job supervisor for monitoring memory or CPU usage tags.

Waterfox excels in certain situations, such as B. when integrating with Unity’s world menu bar, but Firefox runs on a completely different worker. For this condor, 20 years after its launch, Firefox (or Waterfox) is still our favorite default browser on every desktop and laptop work system we use. It runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, all BSDs and unit workers. It keeps all our settings in sync, blocks a lot of distractions, and consumes fewer resources. Okay, we admit that we often keep Chrome or Edge, mostly for webmail and a few different communication tools, but Firefox remains our alternative weapon. ®

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