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Five Corps Members To Repeat Service Year In Bauchi

The five members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) who just completed Batch 1 of 2022 will repeat their one-year mandatory National Service in Bauchi State.

Ten other regiment members had their service years extended by three weeks to a month for various misconducts while serving.

This was disclosed by Mrs Rifkatu Yakubu, NYS Service Center Coordinator, during the collection of NS certificates by members of the regiment on Thursday.

According to her, the repeated years of service of the affected regiment members were sanctions against them for various crimes, including absconding and absenteeism while serving.

Yakubu declared that NYSC has zero tolerance for truancy and other miscellaneous violations, adding that the regiment will not hesitate to punish any member who errs.

However, she urged those who passed out to go straight home to be reunited with their parents and loved ones, adding that they should avoid traveling at night.

She further admonished them to find something to do after their year of service, adding that they should put into practice the skills acquired during the year of entrepreneurship training.

“Those of you who are taking post-camp skills acquisition and entrepreneurial development training, if you haven’t done it, you can go ahead and finish it, and for those of you who didn’t learn any skills, I would like to suggest that you start something.

“At the end of your service year, at the end of the month, no matter how small, you know there’s going to be an alarm coming in. But now that the service is over, if you’re not involved in doing something, you’re going to be demoralized in life, honestly.

“Don’t make your parents miserable because one of the worst things a parent can see is seeing his or her child graduate, sleep at home every morning, ask what to eat, transport money to visit friends, money for top-up cards .

“Your parents want to see you in the morning, go out and do something. No matter how much you get, it’s better than staying home doing nothing,” Yakub admonished the outgoing Legionnaire.

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