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The recovered traditional Egyptian statue. Image courtesy of Egypt Overseas Fb webpage.

The bronze statue is an illustration of the goddess Isis carrying the baby Horus and dates back to the late period of historical Egypt.

In June, the Egyptian Embassy in Switzerland introduced that after receiving a batch of historical relics from the Swiss Federal Cultural Workplace in August 2021, repatriation is being arranged.

The gathering features a section of an alabaster statue of a lady, a stone sculpture representing a section of the god Beth, a human-head-shaped lid for a canopy vase made of stone, a stone sphinx statue, a stone sculpture with historical Egyptian inscriptions. Slate, and a cylindrical alabaster vase.

The repatriation is in line with the settlement signed by Egypt and Switzerland in 2010 on the return of illegally obtained cultural objects to their real homes.

From May 29 to June 2, a technical delegation consisting of officials from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities visited Switzerland and mentioned with their Swiss counterparts ways to resume the smuggling of Egyptian antiquities and promote cooperation between the two sides in this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduced in advance. .

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Egypt’s repatriation of historical artifacts from Switzerland: Overseas side – Historic Egypt – Antiquities and Updates Replacement

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Egypt Repatriates Historical Artifacts from Switzerland: Overseas Section – Historic Egypt – Antiquities and Additional Residence Information

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Egypt’s repatriation of historical artifacts from Switzerland: the overseas side – Historic Egypt – Antiquities and additional information today

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