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Former Royal Staff Members Describe King Charles III As Tyrannical And “hot” Who Can Go From Zero To 60 In A Flash.

King Charles III had instructed some to interpret him as a demanding boss with a matching temperament while throwing tantrums, calling his subordinates at unusual times to find flowers he liked and more.

good temper

based on Katie Nicolenew guide “New Royal Family”A brand new king can be demanding and in a good mood.

Nicole gathers the experiences of former and current members of the royal staff for her guide and tells a cautionary tale about the new king.

“He pushed people hard. He was full of concepts and always told people to do things,” said another former staff member of royal correspondent Valentine Lowe.

“His temper is also very appropriate and very noticeable,” the worker explained.

It will go from zero to 60 in a split second

“He’s almost never going to throw it at a particular person, it’s probably about one thing, he’s going to lose his mood. He’s going to throw things. He’s going from zero to 60 in a split second, and then it’s off again.”

“The problems will frustrate him, especially the media,” he added.

He wants to know about the new orchid he found

Another worker mentioned that he would exaggerate the urgency of his simple but complex issues. A former secretary commented that it was a vital thing that he would bring attention to his name, however, it turned out that the flowers he found were the thing to attend.

Another worker, who did not give his name, defined, “He demands that he work all the time. Seven days a week. He never stops. At any point, he might want to say your name for a thing.”

He hears his new friend and believes him

He was deeply influenced by the media and reports about him, especially the newcomers he believed. They stop you from doing what you want. They feed you again, perks. Over time there have been dozens, whispering in his ear concepts about structures, different medicines, businesses, natural farming, housing. Jungian psychoanalysis, Islamic art, rainforests, crop circles and media.


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