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Gasoline In The US Is Already Cheaper Than In Mexico – El Financiero & More Latest News Here

Typical value of regular gasoline Starting at 20.02 pesos per liter in the U.S. this week, while in Mexico at 21,782 pesos per liter, “Gringa” gasoline is 8.1% cheaper than mexicans

The ‘benefits’ of gasoline in Mexico on the border with the United States It has started to reverse in recent weeks as the reference value of oil has fallen.

Earlier last week, oil traded close to $90 per barrelEven initially assuming a 12-month second quarter, the value was over $130{$} due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

“The cost of oil appears to be stuck in the $90/bbl phase. The appreciation from Russia’s announcement of military mobilization on Sept. 21 was short-lived, but was offset by a Fed rate hike later in the day. The overall picture of the oil market seemed to be Nothing has changed,” thought Norbert Rücker, head of economics and afterlife analysis at Julius Baer, ​​a non-public financial institution.

Which Mexican states have cheaper gasoline?

reduce california Nonetheless, with CaliforniaIn Mexico, motorists spend a median of 21.1 pesos per liter, while in the United States they spend 31.2 pesos, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA) and PETROIntelligence.

exist soundThe value of inexperienced gasoline (Magna) is 21.8 pesos per liter, and in Arizona, The price of natural gas is 22.1 pesos.

about ChihuahuaThe entity’s gas station sells regular gasoline at 20.3 pesos per liter, while the New Mexico entity sells it at 19.8 pesos per liter.

Texas has the highest cost of oil compared to its neighbors in Mexico, as a liter of gasoline costs 16.8 pesos, which is less than Coahuila (21.6 pesos), new lion (22.7 pesos) and tamaulipas (19.1 pesos).

Gasoline in the US is already cheaper than in Mexico – El Financiero
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Gasoline in the US is already cheaper than in Mexico – El Financiero
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Gasoline in the US is already cheaper than in Mexico – El Financiero
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