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Girls Who Code books banned in some US classrooms • The Register

Books designed to encourage women to code appear to be staying away from classrooms in Central York Parish, Pennsylvania, according to reports.

“Forbidden Books” is the main 4 books in the “Ladies Who Code” series: Friend Code, Labour BFF: Race to the End! , Ladies Coding, Lights, Music, Coding! and Coding Membership Highlights!.

These 4 books come from a non-profit women’s coding group, who herself works to close the gender gap in tech and change the picture of what a programmer looks like and what they do.

The group achieves their goals through their books, summer camps, immersive apps, after-school coding golf equipment, and more.

The Ladies Who Code series is a mashup of The Babysitters Membership and Pc Science 101. A group of 4 or 5 (depending on the ebook in your series) disparate women navigate friendships, life, programming, and hackathons, while the author puts some code snippets into the diagram.

It’s the kind of thing parents buy for their kids hoping it makes IT look cool.

Apparently not everyone found it intimidating, however, as the 4 books ended up in the Textbook Ban Index, PEN America’s free speech advocacy group, which says the series runs from July 1, 2021 to June 2022. One day on the 20th was “banned from class”.

Ladies Who Code founder Reshma Saujani has banned a group known as “Mothers of Liberty,” which advocates for parental rights and oversight of teaching supplies in universities.

Saujani describes her reaction to the discovery of the book on the PEN America record:

founder later tweet “Probably they don’t need to teach women to code because they’re so financially secure…”

Saujani has also vowed to speak out against the mothers for freedom movement through her other nonprofit, Marshall Plan for Mothers.

registry The Woman Who Coded, Mother of Liberty, and the Diocese of Central York, Pennsylvania, were contacted to better understand the offensive content of the series, but had no immediate response.

Online ebook reviews suggest that ladies coding books are innocent. A fractional study:

The Mothers of Liberty (MFL) list conservative media cites numerous examples from its members, all of which make critical comments on issues such as key racial principles, sexuality education, and inclusive gender language.

As for the book ban, according to MFL co-founder Tina Descovich, Fox Information Group is fully involved in teens’ exposure to pornographic and sexually expressive material in a teacher atmosphere.

“I haven’t seen any of our teams looking to eliminate books that help young people discover roles that are relevant to them,” Deskovic said. She also admits that “there are a lot of books that are in a gray area.”

registry Evidence of pornographic or sexually expressive material may not be found in reviews or summaries describing Ladies Coding books.

The Parish of Central York, Pennsylvania, is said to be in an important political swing area, where the Ladies Who Code has an active membership.

Twitter consumer Say Her daughter loved Ladies Who Code’s summer coding program, but her displeasure lay in what the group uploaded to its mailing records, which have a history of linking abortion to trans rights.

“I love the task of getting women to focus on coding, I just don’t respect it politically,” the mother and Twitterer said. ®

Ladies Banning Coding Books in Some US Classrooms The Register

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