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Google Insists On Leaking Pixel Watch Retail Box ‘with Fitbit’

Loads of stuff about the Pixel Watch have leaked in recent weeks, and now we’re taking a look at Google’s first wearable retail segment.

Compared to Apple (and Samsung), Google (via Reddit) has opted for a tall, slender package (which always reminds me of Ollivander’s wand). Reasonably, it is a small rectangular field, likely as high as the clock.

There’s a systematic angle shot with a large multi-color “G” branding, “Google Pixel Watch” and a simulated face. You’ll see the color of the case (silver, black or gold) and the color of the strap (obsidian, chalk, hazel or charcoal). In the bottom right corner, we see “With Fitbit”. This live leak shows us the Pixel Watch in silver and charcoal.

Given the size of the field, it’s likely that Google didn’t associate the band with the watch. This ensures homeowners know how to use Google’s proprietary belt attachment system and encourages them to buy extra. The field may even feature charging cables and USB-C cables with magnetic connectors.

Meanwhile, this live leak tells us that the Pixel Watch 6 is starting to gain retail (and undoubtedly service) partners ahead of its October release. That means the watches will hit retailers’ cupboards shortly after release.

Extra features on Pixel Watch:

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