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Group Demands Bello’s Resignation As APC Youth Coordinator

A youth group backed by the Presidential Help Council is calling for Kogi Governor Yahaya Bello to resign as the National Youth Coordinator for the All Progressive Congress Presidential Marketing Campaign Committee ahead of the 2023 basic election.

APC presidential candidate Bola Tinubu has reportedly authorized the appointment of Governor Bello to guide young people in the presidential campaign that is expected to begin soon.

At a press conference in Rafia on Tuesday, the group’s national head, Kassim Muhammad, said it was inappropriate to appoint the governor of Kogi to guide young people in the campaign, and asked him to immediately. Resign.

“Through the APC presidential election, we heard that Governor Kogi was the one who pushed for the 2023 presidency to be partitioned to the southern region of the country,” he said.

“The APC, as a celebration of magnanimity, mandated that every young aspiring person should pay 40% of the fees for the nominated variety, however, Yahaya Bello found out that he was not a young man and paid 100 million naira, which was 100% of the fee.

“Now that he has accepted the appointment of the APC Youth Coordinator, he should inform the party and Nigerian youth if he ever organizes a national youth congress or a gathering for the unity and advancement of youth in this country.

“Governor Yahaya Bello is too big for a task like this, so the appointment should be reconsidered. He also does not belong to the youth class of society, which is why we urge him to resign with honor within the next week or face huge protests .”

Kasim said the Presidential Help Council will lead 300 different APC assistance teams across the country, adding that in order for the Kogi governor to stay connected with the Marketing Events Council, he should be named North Central Regional Marketing Events Director and resign from National Youth Meeting after the coordinator duties.

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