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Group Grounds Abuja, Warns Against Partial Verdict

Okwe Obi from Abuja

A group called Better Governance Nigeria protested in Abuja on Thursday and warned the judiciary not to hand down part of the verdict in the presidential election petition court.

The group’s convener, Abayomi Runsewe, tasked the court with providing fair hearings for all political parties in the interest of peace and justice.

The protesters held placards that read “Your sentence will either make or break Nigeria”, save the future of our children, “give a chance for a fair trial”, etc., and chanted advocating the fairness and transparency of the court’s judicial process. slogan.

Runsewe clarified that the group does not support any political party but stands in solidarity with the Nigerian people in their defense of justice and good governance.

He also claimed the group had no objection to the May 29 inauguration of the elected president.

“Today, we care about the state of the country, but we don’t want to take sides, our concern is Nigeria. Our message today is aimed at the judiciary and law enforcement.

“We urge the judiciary to listen to both sides of the coin, we want them to consider the case on its merits, we want the judgment to be delivered on the merits so that after the judgment we don’t go back to violence or other forms of separation or some people feel marginalized .

“We want to raise a new awareness in Nigeria that we want an egalitarian Nigeria, an essentially pragmatic Nigeria where things are judged on merit and we urge the judiciary to be above board.

“So, today we urge the judiciary to be fair to all parties and to pass the correct sentence.

“We’re talking about the presidential electoral court, we fear it’s a new dawn, we don’t want things to be business as usual, we want a new Nigeria and we trust the judiciary will get the job done and use good judgment,” he said .

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