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Guests At Actress Nkechi Blessing Party Are Given Sex Toys

Nollywood star Nkechi Present conceived a very compelling approach as her guests came to her beauty pageant.

The entertainer gave guests dildos as part of a blessing after they attended a celebration she coordinated to pay tribute to her mother.


As the company prepares to leave the lavishly designed Lagos festival, they get a bespoke souvenir from Nigeria.

Nkechi then again opted to change it up by putting a different type of dildo into the current bag.

One of the many event contributors quickly came to the fore by posting a video of her bonus pack, which contains a completely different sex toy, via Casual Online.

But it’s unclear whether the bonus sacks with trinkets also go to male companies.

On her Instagram page, Nkechi Present takes the initiative to show off her wide variety of sex toys.

Readers may recall that the entertainer tried to express her deep love for dildos when she assured her ex that she could not satisfy her cravings.

Given her power over them, she may need to offer a dildo with a purpose to entice others to enjoy sex toys.

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