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Gwen Stefani Admits She Used to Think Blake Shelton’s Accent Was Fake

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While Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani didn’t fight on this season of The Voice, their coaches are starting to get acquainted with having a couple in a ton of guides at this point!

“Did his pronunciation fall on you?” first-time coach Camila Cabello asked Gwen during Monday’s extroverted debilitating tryouts. “I felt like a handle was going to fall off me. I was a little panicked.”


While Gwen comes across as suspecting she’s no longer in the country — despite her secret revelation on Monday’s show that she’s now a popular Oklahoma native — she smiles and concedes, “I used to be like, ‘When are you going to stop talking like that?'”

“[I thought]Like, that’s so fake,” he joked to his husband’s chin, before making a dot in the impression. “That’s his real voice anyway! I’m already familiar with it. “

Just when ET was chatting with The Voice coach ahead of season 22, Gwen backed down, celebrating the good life with her husband regardless of the resistance. “It’s basically funny,” she surrenders, alluding to one of the duo’s two-part harmonies, “like, ‘Happy Anywhere,’ you know what I’m talking about?”

However, while Blake revealed he was “stronger” and key to Gwen’s comeback, John Legend joked that having his partner on set was “kryptonite” for the country star.

“She got some help from him,” he thought. “She is his weakness.”

As for Blake, he relaxed and acknowledged the level of “diminishing” abilities the experts have relentlessly brought to The Voice.

“It’s clarified that The Voice has four guidelines because it takes three people to compete with me,” he nudged.

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