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Hannah Gadsby Puts A New Stand-up Comedy Special On Netflix

Hannah Gadsby has signed a multi-title deal with Netflix under which they will shoot a brand new special on the streaming system, in addition to hosting and producing another multi-comedy special featuring various comedians Program gender.

Gadsby’s new one-hour special will premiere in 2023 from the Australian leg of their latest ‘Physique at Work’ world tour. Recorded at the Sydney Opera House with the assistance of the Sydney Opera House, this will be the third installment of Gatsby’s stand-up comedy on Netflix, following the specials “Nanette” (which became a phenomenon in 2018) and “Douglas” from 2020 starts.

A multiplayer sitcom special could be taped next year, and premieres will be launched. In addition to highlighting performers of different gender identities, counterfeiters may come from multiple international locations.

“In order to open a door that I need to strive for, I can sponsor and host a show on Netflix that includes six gender-diverse comedians,” Gadsby said. “In a business known for its transphobia, in addition to adding variety to audiences on one of the biggest comedy platforms, I’m giving performers from around the world more options. Combined with a mentoring programme for these up-and-coming comedians, the system aims to promote the skills of residents. They are still trying to get their voices heard. Recorded on a UK tour in 2023, which could be a world first A chance to hear these voices, but not really the last.”

Gadsby returns to Netflix and mentions that the “transphobic” comedy business is vital as they responded candidly last year to support Dave Chappelle’s streaming system, whose “The Nearer” specifically included offensive jokes about gay and trans people.

Citing Gadsby’s work, such as the company’s help and various perspectives on LGBT individuals, in a notice to employees dealing with the consequences, Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos said: “We work hard to ensure margins Socializing communities are often not framed by one person’s story. So we have it now.” Sex Education,” “Orange is the New Black,” “Z Management,” “Hannah Gatsby,” and “Dave Chapey.” “all on Netflix. What matters is the expanding scope of the content material workforce itself.” (Salandos later apologized for his sentiments in the memo, especially when he said that “what’s on the screen doesn’t immediately translate to reality. world damage.”)

After the press came out, Gadsby responded via Instagram: “Hey Ted Sarandos! Just a quick realization to let you know I’d be taller in case you didn’t drag my name into your mess. Now. I have to deal with the extra hatred and anger that Dave Chappelle’s followers love to unleash every time he gets $20 million to deal with some of his emotionally low-spirited speeches.”

“The money you paid me was barely enough for the realistic punishment of the dog whistle for hate speech you refused to admit, Ted,” the post continued. “To upset you and your unethical algorithm cult…I do more spine punches than you. That’s just a joke! There’s no question I’ve crossed a line because there isn’t one.”

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