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Harmonious Relationship Between Executive, Legislature Aided Our Administration’s Successes, Says Buhari

In Abuja on Thursday, President Muhammadu Buhari attributed his government’s enormous success in delivering critical infrastructure over the past eight years to harmonious relations between the executive branches, many of which he has been working on over the past few days. commissioned and legislature across the country, adding that the legislature is the cornerstone of any democracy.

President Buhari speaks at the inauguration of the permanent site of the National Institute of Legislation and Democracy (NILDS) in Abuja.

“I have traveled all over Nigeria over the past few days, commissioning several critical pieces of national infrastructure that our government has completed over the past eight years. Our success as a government is largely due to harmonious relations between the executive and legislature, ’ said the President, adding, “The legislature is the cornerstone of any democracy and is essential to ensure that the aspirations and aspirations of all Nigerians are taken into account in the electoral and legislative process. It also fulfills the task of overseeing the executive branch and ensuring that government spending complies with legislation key functions of intent.”

Referring to the many positive outcomes of the independent legislature, President Buhari declared: “From the moment I was elected in 2015, I supported the idea of ​​an independent National Assembly, an independent National Assembly. Conforms to the manifesto of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

“Rather than interfere in the affairs of the legislature, I promote a culture of mutual respect and cooperation between the two arms.”

The president said this friendly relationship has also helped pass an unprecedented number of bills into law and address some of the long-term challenges that have hampered economic growth and development.

“Our achievements in reforming the oil and gas sector, strengthening electoral frameworks, diversifying the economy, increasing transparency and accountability, addressing insecurity and consolidating good governance are easily attested. The Ninth Congress will serve as an output and will be remembered as one of the most productive conferences in terms of outcomes,” the President further stated.

President Buhari pointed out that Nigeria has great talent in many ways, saying: “Our greatest asset is the people of this country. Our large youth population provides the workforce we need to industrialize and grow our economy. This highlights the need for More sustained investment in human resource development.”

He noted that human capital is the fundamental lifeblood of a nation and its institutions because, when all necessary resources are available, human capital helps to better carry out the mandate entrusted to it by the Constitution, emphasizing that “therefore, the NILDS permanent site is the A critical first step in this goal is strengthening the capacity of the legislature to improve its legislative, oversight and representative functions.”

In his speech, Senate President Dr. Ahmad Lawan said he was pleased that “the promise that the institute would not be a white elephant project has been fulfilled, adding,” the Tenth Congress has prioritized the completion of legacy projects in the 2023 budget as they are in the The importance of stimulating economic activity and the need to strengthen the legacy of this administration. “

He commended President Buhari for his devotion to the 9th Parliament, which has translated into his commission to approve the completion of the NILDS Complex as well as several projects of the National Assembly.

House Speaker Rt Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila said that after noting the institutional challenges facing the legislature, the National Assembly was confident that the President-commissioned institute would address some of the challenges. He thanked President Buhari for his steadfast efforts to advance the well-being of Nigerians.

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