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House Of Dragons Confirms Major Fan Theory

On Sunday, HBO aired its sixth episode. entertainment of the throne prequel collection, Dragon HouseThe episode titled “The Princess and the Queen” leads Westeros history by a decade, from the beginning of the third baby to the beginning of Renella Targaryen. Rainera married Lenore Villarion after an eventful wedding in the previous episode. However, some questions remain about whether Lenore is the father of Ranira’s children.While King Viserys seemed unable or unwilling to doubt his daughter’s superiority, many others, including those who had studied George RR Martin Hearth and bloodThey believe that Rhaenyla’s son may also be an illegitimate child.

“Princess and Queen” stopped talking. This episode answers a long-standing question about the prince.

Who is the father of Rinera Targaryen’s children?

Officially, the historical House Targaryen recognizes Lenor Valerian as the father of Lanaria’s three sons Jakaris, Luceris, and Joffrey. However, followers have long questioned the statement.

Hearth and blood Pretty obvious implication that young people are assholes. The most obvious contender for being the true father of children is Sir Harwin Sturdy.most recent episode Dragon House Confirm this is true.

(Photo: HBO)

Who is Harvin Stedy?

Sir Harwin Sturdy is the commander of the King’s Touchdown Metropolitan Guard. As the son of Lionel Steady, Hand of the King, Harwin is also the heir to the Harlanhall brothers and Russ Stedy. Harvin earned the nickname “Broken Bones” because many believed he was essentially the most efficient knight in the Seven Kingdoms.

Rumors that Harvin is the prince’s real father originated in Hearth and blood He stayed by Rhinera’s bedside, along with Lennore, throughout the delivery. All the children also have Halvin’s dark brown hair, unlike Velaryon or Targaryen’s blondes.

Any doubts about the identity of Linreya’s father?

There must be some doubts. It’s worth noting that no one in the Kings touchdown could prove that Rhaenyla’s kids were illegitimate, or that they probably wouldn’t lead. Despite Martin’s strong mention in his article, he no longer needs to state that these young men are clear villains, mostly seen by some followers as dependable, regardless of Leno’s sexuality.

These theorists insist on two issues. or not, Hearth and blood It does not describe what Harvin looked like, nor does it present the kind of genealogical history that Ned Stark found entertainment of the throneThis led him to reveal that Cersei Lannister’s young man was an incestuous-born villain. That’s some wiggle room.

Wait, why didn’t anyone in the King’s touchdown see that Rhena’s kids were assholes?

Another level of persistence is that some readers don’t think Rinrea can be so daring, or if she’s capable of escaping it. Someone in court will definitely find that these young men don’t look like their father, which is very similar to Harwin Sturdy’s “Princess Sword.”

Dragon House This solves the missing part of the equation. Of course, personal discovery. Still, the king remains ignorant of his daughter’s folly, perhaps on purpose. In “The Princess and the Queen,” Viserys suggested that Joffrey had some options for Leno, much to the confusion of everyone in the room. However, who would question the king’s fantasies about his beloved daughter?

Why is there a need to determine the paternity of Linella’s children?

Dragon HouseThe entire Iron Chiefs dispute stems from the succession of the Iron Throne. Inheritance is entirely dependent on true lineage.

Aliscent worries that Rhinera will at some point see her children as a matter of her right to rule, and that the princess with an heir will cement her trigger as she will assume dominion with a clear successor after her death. However, rogues do not have any inheritance rights. If the Queen could prove that these young men were bastards, it would invalidate their claim to the throne and weaken Lanila’s position as she underestimated her in the eyes of the Princes of Westeros.

Dragon House New episodes air on HBO on Sunday.


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