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How All Targaryens, Velaryons And Villains Are Connected After Episode 6 Time Jump

Warning: Major spoilers ahead of episode 6 Dragon House.

Dragon House She had her biggest surge yet in episode 6, Emma Darcy and Olivia Cooke’s Dinner taking on Rhinela from Millie Alcock and Emily Kelly The location of Targaryen and Allison Hightower. It’s been almost a decade since Rhaenia married Leno and Viserys split, but the King survived (though he seemed rather ruthless). Aliscent has already given birth to a second son from the king, and Rainera is Lenore’s mom to three suspicious dark-haired boys… or so she says. Throwing Daemon and Laena’s family into Pentos, with so many new characters to jump into after that, is sure to be a must.

And since many characters of this gift are no less than half Targaryen, they are all connected in one way or another.So, right now Dragon House You’ve entered a whole new era, let’s break down all the connections between Targaryens, Velaryons, and new villains.

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Children of Viserys and Allison

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