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I Will Reverse El-Rufai’s Bad Policies

Senator Suleiman Honkui, a candidate for governor of the New Nigerian People’s Social Rally in Kaduna state, said that if elected governor in the state’s 2023 elections, he will undo all the dangers enacted by the government of Governor Nasir Rufai insurance policy.

Hongkuyi also mentioned that he will assess and give you a supplementary finances that are “visible and may satisfy the yearnings and aspirations of good people in the country.”

He mentioned that when the governor takes over from the current statewide Progressive Congress authority, all of the governor’s anti-people’s insurance policies could be reviewed by his administration.

The gubernatorial candidates acknowledged these in an agenda-setting conversation with state gubernatorial candidates organised by Issues-Based Marketing Partnerships Nigeria, an event supported by partnerships in partnership with Nigerian Girls’ Empowerment Awareness on Monday. kaduna.

Consistent with Hunkuyi, points that can be quickly considered through evaluation or revocation include assessments for dismissed lecturers, dismissed local government employees, medical and welfare employees, entitlement issues, pensions, assessing dismissal of district chiefs.

He also mentioned that among different insurance policies, permanent secretary dismissal/retirement or entitlement, varsity meals, reversal of varsity charges, training academy and polytechnic fees may be top of the list.

“If authorised to manipulate the state, I will assess good but poorly applied college feeding schemes, college charging sessions, assess and reverse draconian demolition of company premises and residential homes in Kaduna, and assess or reverse unlawful deductions from local authorities funds.

“I can even assess and reset the KASTLEA legal guidelines, Keke NAPEP and different traffic, parks and vehicle sites, market insurance policies and the capacity of 23 social authorities to guide the agency,” he said.

On the safety side, Hunkuyi mentioned that there may not be a significant increase in rural and concrete environments and the avoidable shock to harmless people on our roads, including that part of his approach to addressing safety challenges “is to ensure that there are There are adequate, effectively educated and well-equipped security personnel.”

On the health front, the hopeful governor mentioned that he will implement the 255 primary health care system with additional staffing, infrastructure, tools, drugs and logistical assistance, while secondary health care will even receive the necessary consideration.

Hun Kuyi added that he will also introduce various agricultural aid companies and interventions, such as agricultural cluster insurance policies.

Earlier in his welcome handle, the head of the National Group – PERL, Dr Abel Adejor announced that the period of candidates looking for political workplaces to sit in their non-public workplaces and decide on their manifesto is gone.

Adejor mentioned that a one-day partnership program was held across the state to review the resident team’s agenda and candidates’ blueprints to agree on development commitments in key sectors.

“The period when a candidate will stay in his workplace and decide his manifesto is over.

“We’re going to sit down with the candidates and look at the bullet points and make sure that now we have an issue-based campaign,” he said.

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