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In Florida Prepare For The Arrival Of A Hurricane & More Latest News Here

Florida State of Emergency Ahead of Reachable Hurricane 0:45

(CNN) — Tropical Storm Ian is expected to strengthen rapidly as it hits the entire Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico before weakening as it reaches Florida this week in response to the latest updates from the National Hurricane Center.

Ian developed in the central Caribbean on Friday and will rapidly intensify on Sunday, boosting its winds to 35 mph (56 kph) over the next 24 hours and developing into a Category 3 hurricane on Monday. The Hurricane Center mentioned, the night before reaching western Cuba. Forecasters predicted the storm would reach a Category 4 peak over the Gulf of Japan in three days.

Ian is then expected to arrive in the US to respond Miami National Weather ServiceHowever, there are uncertainties in its forecast monitors, with a variety of possible scenarios after Tuesday: European models confirmed on Sunday morning that it could make landfall on Florida’s midwest coast by Wednesday morning evening, while U.S. models confirmed it was on Friday. Landed in western Florida in the morning.

The Hurricane Center forecast split the distinction, showing it could make landfall in Florida’s Big Bend Thursday night as a weakened hurricane.

“Regardless of Ian’s actual monitoring and depth, there is a threat of harmful storm surge, strong winds and heavy rain off the central Florida west coast next week,” the hurricane center said.

Across the state, local officials are urging residents to prepare for flash floods and damaging winds.

“That was the calm before the storm,” Naples Mayor Teresa Heitman told CNN on Saturday. “We’ve experienced this type of adrenaline rush before storms and the streets can change at any time, but we want our residents to be prepared.”

Ian is about 345 miles (555 km/h) south-southeast of Grand Cayman and is shifting west-northwest at 12 mph (19 km/h) in response to a change in the hurricane’s center on Sunday morning. Most sustained winds reached 50 mph (85 km/h).

With a hurricane warning impacting Grand Cayman, forecasters are increasingly confident that residents of western Cuba will face “life-threatening” storm surge and hurricane-force winds on Monday, the hurricane center said. Hurricane and tropical storm watches have been issued for western Cuba.

Tropical storm conditions are expected throughout Cuba by Monday afternoon, and hurricane conditions are possible Monday through Tuesday. Ian is expected to bring 100 to 200mm of rain, with a total of up to 300mm in remote western Cuba. A storm surge of 9 to 14 feet (2 to 4 meters) is forecast for onshore wind areas along Cuba’s western coast Monday night through Tuesday.

As the storm approaches Florida, officials are handing out sandbags and asking Floridians to organize their belongings to reduce the chance of hurricane injury and replenish supplies such as radios, water, canned food and medicine. Residents will also need to pack the necessary paperwork and understand their evacuation routes.

On Saturday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis expanded an emergency order to include every county in the state, saying the situation “is expected to represent a severe disaster.” President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency in Florida and ordered the federal government to help supplement the response.

Questions about Ian’s arrival also delayed a third Artemis 1 rocket launch attempt, scheduled for Tuesday.

Put floods and high winds together, authorities warn

Storm surge — when the force of a hurricane or storm pushes water ashore — can be one of the biggest threats to life and property from a hurricane.

That was the main motivation for Miami-Dade County residents who were asked to evacuate ahead of the hurricane in response to county officials.

“We’re outside the cone of uncertainty. We’re not going to relax,” Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniela Levencaval told CNN Saturday. “We all know there is an opportunity to change at any time. The storm continues to move west. That’s when everyone wants to make sure they have a plan.”

Levine Cava urged residents to make sure they have enough food and water and to test their storm surge planning areas.

“We are very hopeful that even if there is heavy rain, we will be able to cope with it,” he said. “We are on standby. We have additional pumps and are working with the South Florida Water Authority to reduce the canal extent.”

Miami-Dade County is preparing its “deep shelter system” for those fleeing the Florida Keys if evacuations are ordered there.

ian storm florida hurricane

On Saturday, Sept. 24, 2022, a Publix retailer in Orlando ran out of water as residents braced for Tropical Storm Ian, which is expected to make landfall in the state as a hurricane.

In Naples, Heitman mentioned that he has seen signs of residents gathered to meet the hurricane at gas stations.

“They take it very seriously and I encourage those who don’t take it to take the storm all the time because you may never be able to estimate that it means it will flip. Now we have to be prepared that if it doesn’t come directly into us it can have strong winds ,” Heitman said.

In Sarasota, authorities are inspecting the plant, planning with local police, trying to estimate how much flooding is feasible and warning residents to prepare, Mayor Eric Arroyo told CNN.

“Don’t underestimate the risks including gusts, storm surge, flooding, especially since we’re a coastal metropolis. So we tell them to get out now and get ready early,” Arroyo said.

CNN’s Derek Van Dam, Taylor Ward, Gregory Clary and Vanessa Value contributed to this report.

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