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In the age of 55 Farooq Ahmed Pakistani man married an 18-year-old Girl Muskan

Muskan, 18, and her performance of “Na Milo Humse Zyada” from Bobby Deol’s film Badal have the ability to interrupt Farooq Ahmed, 55, from the core. The Pakistani couple’s love story went viral after being interviewed by Youtuber and content creator Syed Basit Ali and learning they were inseparable in “mohabbat ki shaadi”.

Farooq, 55, and Muskan, 18, marry in Pakistan

An 18-year-old woman named Muskan married a 55-year-old man named Farouk Ahmed and fell in love with him because of their mutual love of music. Youtuber and influencer Syed Basit Ali caught up with the “unique couple”, and here’s how the unusual love story from Pakistan is tempered here.

Muskan and Farooq got closer when the music-obsessed old man began to benefit from the boy’s singing. Farooq lives along the road to Muskan, or as Syed puts it, “Samne wali khidki mein”.

After he started visiting her residence, the woman quickly realized that her voice had his influence. After a few meetings, she started making fun of him by singing Na Milo Humse Zyada in the Hindi movie “Badal” starring Bobby Deol and Rani Mukherjee.

The couple explained that while Farouk initially preferred Muskan to him, he quickly developed feelings for her as well. As their love continues to develop, the woman finally asks him to go out.

A flamboyant period of a loving marriage, where neighbors admit to having feelings for her as well. 2 Then there is a “Mohabbat Ki Shaadi” (which seems to have connotations).

The couple claimed that everyone they knew was against their relationship and subsequent union, including their colleagues, family and neighbours. Even so, they were fortunate enough to stick together, despite all social stigma and condemnation, and to achieve this by mutual consent.

Farooq, who had never been married before, believed that the discovery of Muskan was a gift from God. On crucial occasions, each lover declares a willingness to “give his life” for the opposite.

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