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Insights into Vincent Kartheiser’s unique lifestyle that helped him survive child fame – and contributed to Alexis Bledel’s divorce

Many people were shocked when they heard it crazy male Co-stars Vincent Cassese and Alexis Bledel are divorced after eight years of marriage. However, an unnamed source believes the actor’s unique lifestyle choices may have been a factor in the breakup.

Vincent Kartheiser had a long career

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Kartheiser began acting at the age of 5. From homegrown theatrical productions to industrial dubbing, the actor spent much of his childhood starring.As he grew up and moved to Hollywood, Caseser earned the equivalent of thought leaders and Crime and Punishment in Suburbs. He was also identified as revealing images like he and Angel.

Insights into Vincent Cassese’s idiosyncratic lifestyle that helped him survive his youthful fame — and contributed to Alexis Bledel’s divorce

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