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Institute Decries Inadequate Funding Of MDIs

Dr Samuel Olowi, Executive Secretary of the West Africa Institute for Management Development Network, expressed concern over the reduction in funding for the West Africa Institute for Management Development.

He and some other executives say MDIs should think outside the box to ensure they generate enough resources to meet their organizations’ growing needs.

Speaking at the conclusion of a recent webinar for Directors-General and CEOs of WAMDEVIN member institutions in English-speaking West Africa, Olowe said that the topic of the webinar, ‘Repositioning MDI Business in a Contemporary Context’, had been carefully chosen to assist metered-dose inhalers.

He added that it was about finding ways to ensure their organizations could better navigate the modern business environment, which requires tremendous innovation and creativity.

Opening the webinar, Professor Alexander Yonly, Network Chair who is also Director of the Liberia Institute of Public Administration, noted that MDIs urgently need a strategy to remain relevant in a turbulent environment in which they operate as a corporate entity is uncertain , complex and ambiguous business environment.

In her thesis, Cecilia Umaru-Gayya, Dean of the Nigerian Institute of Administrators, who was also WAMDEVIN’s first Vice President, suggested that MDIs should explore different ways to expand their financial boundaries beyond training activities to meet their needs. obligation.

Patricia Erinfolami-Ivbijaro, a management consultant from the United Kingdom, implored MDI’s executives to find other sources of funding for running MDI in order to remain relevant in the modern business environment.

Gerald Kaiyeja, professor at the Uganda School of Management, emphasized that MDIs need to urgently consider improving service quality and repositioning themselves to exploit opportunities in the environment to develop in new business models.

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