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Intel considered a packaging plant in Italy after the election • The Register

As Intel appears to be expanding its new foundry empire, the successor to the x86 large is likely to be a complex packaging facility in northern Italy.

At this moment, the town of Vigasio, between Milan and Venice, is home to Intel’s most popular European chip factory, Reuters quoted people familiar with the matter as saying. The capability is reportedly most popular because of its proximity to the Brenner highway, which connects Italy and Austria across the Alps, where Intel can transport chips made at its Magdeburg, Germany, manufacturing facility.

Intel has so far laid out plans to build an unlimited community of semiconductor R&D, design, packaging and manufacturing facilities across Europe to compete more instantly with the likes of TSMC and Samsung Electronics around the world. The work of the Italians is done after intensive negotiations with the locals.

If a deal is negotiated with outgoing Mario Draghi authorities over the Vigasio site, Italian authorities could find themselves financing as much as 40 percent of the plant.

Due to this fact, the factory in the northeastern region of Veneto is not a protected alternative to the U.S. chipmaker, as the new authorities may have something to say about it, according to Reuters. Still, we’re told Draghi’s aides are in behind-the-scenes talks with Rome’s closest leaders to ensure the response to Intel remains intact.

While as with most chip-making-related issues, it’s unclear how much that power will ultimately take seriously, but there’s no doubt it should be a multi-billion dollar thing. Intel said it would spend about $7 billion to build a packaging plant in Malaysia late last year.

If Italy’s new management makes progress on the packaging plant, it is hoped that the plant will be able to utilize 1,500 employees and create as many as 3,500 jobs in the region as soon as the plant comes online – no doubt in utilities and construction-related fields . Reuters reports, between 2025 and 2027. Intel mentioned that the conference line will be worth no less than 4.5 billion euros ($430 million).

Intel’s curiosity about Vigasio may also be partly due to its proximity to Milan, Tower Semiconductor’s Italian service center. Intel acquired Israeli foundry operator Tower for $540 million in February. Intel Foundry President Randhir Thakur mentioned recently that the acquisition significantly expands Intel’s foundry portfolio to include traditional node courses. registry.

If Vigasio’s plans fall through, Intel could again use Lombardy, Puglia, and Sicily as different areas of the fab, since it had all three in mind.

The reported location and a tentative response to Italian authorities provide a new level of moderation for Intel’s deliberate growth in Europe.

This spring, the x86 Titan unveiled its €17 billion chip manufacturing facility in Germany. “Megafab” is located in Magdeburg, west of Berlin; it plans to go surfing by 2027; and could be responsible for making Intel’s most remarkable technology courses.

The plan is part of a larger 33 billion euro ($36 billion) fund that the chipmaker plans to use to increase its operations in Ireland and research and development, design and packaging in France, Poland, Italy and Spain Construction of services.

Intel declined to comment on the report. ®

Intel thinks of building packaging plant in Italy after election • The Register

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