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Investigations Will Determine If Alleged Trip With Fray Vásquez “is A Lie Or Not” & More Latest News Here

lawyer Bengui EspinosaPresidential Authorized Defender petersburgReiterates denials at the highest level of the state – even to himself – that he had traveled with his nephew on the presidential plane to Chiclayo Friar Vasquez – Fugitives – Final June.

“President denies he took nephew on presidential plane. President denies taking presidential plane with nephew Friar Vasquez. I don’t know about the past. Crucially, on the one hand, the prosecutor’s workplace conducts the investigation, but Congress can search for data from the Minister of Protection and has the ability to clarify that data,” he said.

In an interview with RPP Noticias, the company’s lawyers petersburg He determined that, as part of the investigation, the prosecutor’s workplace should have established a person who prepared a document that mentioned that “Lay Vásquez Castillo” was indeed present on the presidential plane. He added that the person should make the case clear and clarify the main points of the document.

“I didn’t delve into the highlights, comparable to the explanation of the journey. The question is very special to the president, and his answer was this: Is your nephew Fry Vazquez traveling with you? (he asked). No , Doctor (he replied). This is what I can exchange for you. I don’t know the main point, but when it’s a journey where a person looks, they will be called to testify,” he reiterated.

“In my opinion, the prosecutor’s workplace collects data that is beneficial (…) I’m not talking about assumptions, I’m talking about details: in particular I asked the president if he was traveling with his nephew, how he slipped Yes, he instructed me not to. It’s specific. Whether it’s a lie or not, the investigation will decide,” he added.

Pedro Castillo’s potential constitutional condemnation

On another level of interviews, lawyers Bengui Espinosa Opportunity to criticize national prosecutors, Patricia Benavides, Raise constitutional criticism against the president petersburg It even suggested that Congress choose not to apply Section 117 of the Structure, based on journalist Ricardo Uceda’s model.

“It could be a prison, or it could be a violation of the structure. So a felony could oppose it head-on, ignoring what the selection (Juan Carlos) Checkley has already drawn. Constitutional criticism, nor does it cost him, nor a formal investigation, nor does the prosecutor’s workplace appeal to that standard,” he countered.

after remembering this standard The energy of the legal profession With the “consent” of the prosecutor’s workplace, the state’s top attorney designated, public ministryPatricia Benavides can’t ignore the directives of Decide Juan Carlos Checkley and bring constitutional criticism to parliament.

“I’m having a hard time getting it resolved judicially. It could be an act that would amount to disobedience or resistance to the sphere of authority, however, would constitute a violation of the structure,” he said, questioning that filing constitutional charges before Congress would imply “invitation to the legislature” Violation of structure”.

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