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January Jones in bikini again after “NASCAR rebranding”

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Jones in bikini again after ‘NASCAR rebrand’

January Jones ditched her “NASCAR rebrand” in favor of Betty Draper’s aesthetic.

The 44-year-old “Mad Men” actress shared a new photo of herself in a pale pink bikini with accessories including an Ivy Diamond Cole jewelry necklace and earrings from an unusual box.

Does it complement the look of the beach? Linda Farrow Sunglasses ($426).

“TOXIC FEMALE” Apparently you underestimated my attempt at renaming NASCAR, so here goes. Describes an Instagram post Saturday.

Jones appears to be referring to the last few photos, where she changes her usual aesthetic in favor of cropped shorts, a trucker hat, and colorful sunglasses.

However, it was unclear what she meant by her signature, as most of the comments on her post were positive.

January Jones in a pink bikini
Jones revealed that she is getting back to her usual look.
Instagram/January Joan

“#BigDadEnergy I’ll take a pic of the car for your lovely girlfriend and raise you,” she wrote last month in a photo showing her posing in front of a red McLaren, wearing a back Wearing a hat and New Balance sneakers.

“Gosh, that’s awesome 😍😍,” commented one observer, while another mentioned her relationship with Don Draper Jon Hamm on “Mad Men” The iconic character opposite Hamm.

January Jones "NASCAR-style rebranding" Shown in selfies with colored sunglasses.
The actress also shared a photo of her wearing colorful sunglasses.
Instagram/January Joan

“Betty has been with Don throughout his career,” they wrote.

A third fan chimed in: “It goes with the perfect ’80s mommy outfit.”

Earlier this year, the mother-of-two also used her social media platform to applaud trolls who criticized her no-makeup posts.

NET-A-PORTER and Laquan Smith kick off Oscars weekend with intimate dinner in Los Angeles

Jones traditionally wears more feminine outfits, in contrast to the trucker hat and sneakers she’s been wearing lately.

NET-A-PORTER / Getty Images for La

6. InStyle Award of the Year - Arrivals

Jones traditionally wears more feminine outfits, in contrast to the trucker hat and sneakers she’s been wearing lately.

wired image,

in the next

Chyna, 34, posed in a pair of princely daisies…

she shared an interesting video Wearing ripped jeans, an oversized tee, and no makeup, singing Celine Dion’s classic “My Heart Will Go On.”

“Wow, that’s what she looks like without makeup. Oh,” one commented, to which Jones replied, “Oh, and worse, I haven’t brushed my teeth yet, and I have barley.”

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