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Japan Fears Putin Could Deploy Nuclear Weapons & More Latest News Here

Japan has included 21 Russian organizations that correspond to scientific laboratories among the many targets of the current export ban, according to a federal government announcement released after a cabinet meeting on Monday, which formally endorsed what international ministers finally proposed at this week’s assembly. New sanctions for the Group of Seven (G7).

Japan feels deeply about Russia’s potential to use nuclear weapons during its invasion of Ukraine

Matsuno Hirokazu mentioned at the press conference that Japan will continue to cooperate with international groups to support Ukraine and sanction Russia.

Hood image: Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks at the end of the Shanghai Cooperation Group (SCO) summit in Samarkand on September 16, 2022. Photo: MTI/EPA/Sputnik/Russian Presidential Press Service/Sergei Bobiliev

Japan fears Putin may deploy nuclear weapons
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Japan fears Putin may deploy nuclear weapons
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Japan fears Putin may deploy nuclear weapons
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