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Jason McCartney Wife Nerissa Vanderheyden: Age Gap and Married Life

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Jason McCartney OAM is often referred to for his experience as an Australian principle footballer. The former footballer is also a survivor of the 2002 Bali bombings, a former AIS/AFL Foundation mentor, and a former director of the Western Bulldogs.

According to his current position, McCartney is the rundown administrator of the famous Western Sydney Monsters. The former Australian footballer started his AFL career at Collingwood in 1991, where he played 38 games and scored 28 goals.


After a fundamental stage in his career, he moved to Adelaide in 1995, where he played 37 games in three seasons.

The former player then moved to North Melbourne, where he played 106 games, before leaving for a horrific end-of-season visit to Bali.

The Bali bombing occurred at the end of a season tour of several Australian football clubs, of different types and levels, and subsequently greatly affected the lives and families of footballers.

Who is Jason McCartney’s other half Lisa Vanderheyden? Former AFL footballer Jason McCartney married his other half Nerissa in south-east South Australia.

In any case, the footballer’s previously secrecy of marriage principles was undermined by a long-running conflict between security guards and photographers outside St. Alphonsos Catholic Church in Millicent.

McCartney and Man of the Year Nerissa Vanderheyden gave 220 guests visual freedom at their wedding, earning a sizable sum for a women’s magazine.

The former Kangaroo player is said to have donated part of the proceeds to the Bali Aid Reserve.

During the couple’s wedding outside the church, security staff clashed with other Press Association photo artists who had to film McCartney and his figures.

The 28-year-old was married to his partner before AFL team-mates Mick Martyn, Anthony Stevens and Glenn Toxophilite.

Kangaroo security staff spent six unforgettable days at Melbourne’s Alfred Clinic on a return visit to Australia following the Bali bombing.

Vanderheyden’s age hole for McCartney and his significant other: How old do they say they are? The former Australian Standard footballer was born at 14 Walk in 1974 and is now 48 years old.

When discussing the player’s other half, Nerissa, the precise subtleties of her age don’t show up on public media.

Despite the lack of subtlety in Van der Heiden’s age, the former player is in his mid-40s in all respects, and like his other half, there is a smaller age gap between married couples

Then again, the married couple actually lived happily together as a married couple.

Learn more about Jason and Nerissa’s married life and family Jason and Nerissa formally formed their team in December 2002 following an unpleasant incident with the former footballer in Bali.

Despite the tough times at Alfred’s Medical Clinic, where consumption covers half of his body, Jason McCartney is determined to have his wedding on December 14th.

McCartney was on a respirator with his family, girlfriend Nelisa van der Heyden and his mother after the Bali incident.

He even revealed that when he woke up from his coma, his most memorable thought was securing a wedding in a town near South Australia’s famous Coonawarra wine country.

There is no doubt that there is an unbelievably amazing bond between the couple, who have been together for over 20 years.

In addition, many have had two children, whose names and details are being kept secret for Jason’s protection.

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