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Jeffrey Dahmer Victim’s Cousin Says Netflix’s ‘Monster’ Is ‘Retraumatizing’ Family: ‘For What?’

The family of one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s alleged victims are talking about monsters, Netflix’s new gift for a serial executioner.

Errol Lindsey’s cousin Eric Perry tweeted that the Ryan Murphy-helmed sequence is ‘retraumatizing’ his family .


“I’m not going to tell anyone what to watch, I do know the real wrongdoing media is huge, but assuming you’re really curious about who you’re asking, my family (the Isbells) are mad at the gift ,” he tweeted last Thursday. “It re-traumatizes repeatedly, for what? What kind of action shots/exhibits/documentaries do we want?”

Perry also retweeted a video that compared Lindsay’s sister Rita Isbell to Netflix’s explanation of the incident.

“It’s as wild as recreating my cousin’s emotional breakdown in court in front of the man who tortured and killed her brother,” Perry wrote. “WIIIIIILD.”

Netflix didn’t immediately respond to people’s invitations.

Isbell focuses on the second part of the assertion she made in 1992 about the impact of her casualties, which echoes Perry’s feelings about the new sequence.

“It bothered me after I noticed part of the gift, especially after I noticed myself – after I noticed my identity was on the display and this woman literally said my mention After the content,” she wrote the insider article in the first person.

“If I had any idea of ​​what was worse, I would have thought it was me.

She has the same hair as mine and wears the exact same clothes. That’s the explanation for what it looks like to relive everything again,” she continued. “It reintroduces all the feelings I’ve ever felt again. “

She concluded: “I’ve never been contacted before about what’s going on now. I really feel like Netflix must have been asked, assuming what we thought or what we thought about making it.

They didn’t ask me anything. They just buy it and it’s done. “

Perry later tweeted that his family had no knowledge of the business, writing: “My family only found out when everyone else knew.”

Monster first launched in March 2021, with America’s Amazing Stories alum Evan Peters obsessed with drawing serial executioners.

This is the latest development in explaining Dahmer’s killing.

Jeremy Renner starred in the 2002 film Dahmer, while the 2017 film My Companion Dahmer features former Disney star Ross Lynch as the killer.

Somewhere between 1978 and 1991, Dahmer raped, killed and dismembered at least 17 men and young men in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, shocking the world with his transgressions and his cannibalism and necrophilia.

While the consecutive sequence provides a more significant look at his casualties, it also selects a casualty who had left and played a major role in Dahmer’s eventual capture.

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