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Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood home once rented for $8,000 a week

Netflix collection, Monsters: The Geoffrey Dahmer Story, follows the story of notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer killed 17 men, many of them in his home. However, he also killed while living in his childhood home in Akron, Ohio. Here’s what you must know about the house where Jeffrey Dahmer grew up, and why it’s renting out for $8,000 a week.

That place is Jeffrey Dahmer’s Ohio home?

Jeffrey Dahmer in orange jumpsuit during trial
Jeffrey Dahmer | Marny Malin/Sygma via Getty Photos

Jeffrey Dahmer grew up in Akron, Ohio. In 1968, he and his family moved to the Akron suburb of Beth Township, which has only about 4,500 residents. Dahmer murdered his first man in Akron and scattered the bones of his victims in the home yard.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood home was rented for $8,000 a week

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