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Jennifer Titus Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Nationality, Biography

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Jennifer Titus is an entertainer and a cast member of Lifetime’s thrilling ride “Fight for the Crown.” Titus was an American craftsman known for kicking buckets for crowns, thread, rocks, paper, scissors, and revenge. The entertainer lived through his childhood in California. He went on to be a top-notch professional skater early on.

After that, he became a professional skater and traveled the world. The entertainer appeared on ice shows and later went on to higher education. The entertainer has dabbled in acting and film in Los Angeles. In addition, he has appeared in commercials and television.


In 1994, the entertainer’s most memorable performance came as a party lady in the film Sa Militar Sa kurtane. However, he was not credited for the film. He then moved up to Sweet Valley High as a hauler in Don’t Strand So Near Me.

place of birth Fresno, California, United States
Birthday March 22, 1980
age 42
educate UC San Diego
grow up California
license medical
Hobby Figure Skating, Snowboarding and Surfing
net worth $ 1,000,000
Zodiac signs Aries
Nick name Jane, Gneville
high 5′ 4½” (1.64m)

Jennifer Titus from Crown Wither for Life Jennifer Titus plays the lead role of Lydia Campbell in Crown Wither for Life.

She appears as Elle’s mother (played by entertainer Catharine). The story begins when Lydia and Ella move to Los Angeles due to strange circumstances.

Lydia becomes Bellevue High School’s Vice Principal, while Allie is a senior at the school. Then, at that point, Elle was recognized at the school as the Homecoming monarch. Damian Romee is the director of the film.

Titus works closely with Lura W, Jhon, Jevon, Molly Hargrave, Andre Haskett, Darby, James, Amelia Still, Adam Shimberg, Abraham Sosa, Caroline Knight and Bailey Paige. The film premieres in the US on September 24, 2022 by Reel One Diversion.

The film centers on their mother-daughter relationship after moving from Florida. Perishing For A Crown is motivated by bright occasions. Titus and Catherine Daddario are the main entertainers on the show. The artist plays a confused man in the film.

In addition to this, Titus has worked in various films, recordings and TV series. The entertainer appeared in Champion Kombat as a stuntman in Illusion vs. Jaguar 1, where he played the role of Illusion in the 2015 film.

Tutus even played until 12 noon on the TV series Fast in Heaven. She appeared as Sweetheart in the 2000 TV series Shift in perspective. She played a major role in the 1998 TV narrative.

The Reality About Jennifer Titus Titus was born on 22/22/1980 in Fresno, California, USA. The artist is 42 years old. Titus starred in commercials and TV shows while focusing on film in Los Angeles. The entertainer completed a four-year certification in physiology and neuroscience in the Radiators and Sciences major at UC San Diego.

After a while, Titus joined clinical school and trained in New York. Afterwards, the entertainer returned to California and brought heaters and science. The entertainer is licensed by a doctor, however, he has chosen a career in the entertainment world.

Titus is working on the script while focusing on acting. In fact, even the entertainer loves to learn his Italian. Aside from acting, the entertainer also appreciates being with the people he loves. He enjoys snowboarding and surfing.

As noted by multiple sources, Titus’ estimated total assets exceed $1 million. He offers over 22 years of experience in the acting field. Titus started his career in the film at this point. He performed as an entertainer from 1994 to 1996, with a considerable hiatus. In 2007, the entertainer played Zoe in the Supergator video.

Titus later appeared in How To Cary on Order as Miss A, Roe v. Swim as Mrs. Blackmun, Retaliation as Mary, The Column as Nina Cook, Rock, Paper, Scissors as Ashley Award, and Despicable as Lauren.

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