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Jensen Ackles Remembers The Honest Supernatural ‘Pep Talk’ That Stars Gave The Winchesters After They Were Cast

And Sam and Dean Winchester’s journey ends after 15 years supernatural In 2020, a new journey of the prequel sequence is about to start, Winchester. Brand New Presents follows Sam and Dean’s parents, John and Mary, as they hunt demons with their allies – and fall in love in it. It is now partly the brainchild of EP Jensen Ackles, who returned to dean and narrated the sequence. Now, he talks about his advice to the new Winchester representatives after they have been selected.

In the new present, Meg Donnelly and Drake Roger continue Winchester’s legacy (or suppose, begin it) as Mary Campbell and John Winchester, respectively. Being part of a franchise that’s been around for over a decade may not be easy for the actor. Still, Jensen Ackles EW says he’s giving young stars some ‘welcome’ supernaturalEven the warm dialogue of his onscreen brother Jared Padalecki. Ackles summed up one of his many trusted conversations with actors:

Maybe a little pep talk. This is hardly a new thing, it’s something with 15 years of intense storytelling, and you’re our advisors on this factor that we build for families. A lot of people are defending this story and these characters, and you’re a new agent in this, and you can understand the importance of it, and you can understand the need to strategize with caution and respect. [Laughs] Since I like it, mind you, I haven’t turned off my ass for 15 years to let you guys back here and have sex.

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