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Jessica Simpson Joins Husband Eric Johnson and Their 3 Children at the Fall Collection Launch

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Simpson, 42, and her significant other, Eric Johnson, and their three children Maxwell, 10, Birdie, 3, and Ace, 9, went to the Nordstrom event in the Los Angeles Woods. Also, their styles are all trendy.

At the send-off, Simpson signed autographs for fans as she wore black high boots with dark black cowhide leather and a bright jacket, while her kids wore a fun casual outfit with a Balenciaga hoodie and Air Jordan 1s on Pro, support her. Camo coats and gold jewelry on Maxwell, and some shiny cow rustling boots from the youngest.


Johnson, 42, once again joined the occasion in a laudable black reverse bounce and a black hurdle hoodie.

However, the main pieces are also a big highlight in Simpson’s new collection, along with some bright retro glitz, as the big disco ball brightens the occasion.

Recently, Simpson found a personal break down of her latest Jessica Simpson fall ensemble, which includes her go-to flowy stage outfits and shoes, as well as certain staples for holding a wrapped wardrobe together.

“I go through stage after stage based on how I feel in my creative space,” Simpson said. “Currently in my profession, inspired by TV and movies, I have to bring retro glitz to our all-American denim staple. Design tests and guides different parts of ourselves and our lives through what we wear, and this The mission allowed me to make it a reality.”

Simpson said he chose “beautiful lighting, neon lights” for the mission photo because the financial manager wanted to show “a striking and intentional perspective on attitude and lighting.”

There’s something about the No. 2 West in there, too, which he admits is his score.

“Being an entrepreneur in 2022 feels like an amazing achievement,” he said. “I have the space and opportunity to explore my imagination without limits.

I’m very excited about the unique team of women that make up the Jessica Simpson Assortment. “

In honor of her child, Simpson’s eldest son also joined the mission as a model. The 10-year-old now has what Simpson calls “programmed rationality.”

“Maxwell was born with a fashion sensibility and a keen eye for creating his own style while seeing and celebrating the authenticity of others,” says Simpson.

“She continues to learn what she likes and is very specific and outspoken about her decisions.”

Maxwell also worked behind the camera. After sharing another photo of herself at the peak in September, Simpson revealed to her followers that the 10-year-old was behind the giveaway, sharing a photo of the child holding a professional camera. And have his mother a chance. .

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