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John Fetterman’s Johnny Cash Song Tattoo Leaves Newt Gingrich Confused

Twitter users saw John Fettman on the social media platform after former U.S. House Speaker and Republican Newt Gingrich got a tattoo of U.S. Senate Democratic nominee John Fetterman in Pennsylvania on Monday. Nee Money and Newt.

“Why does Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fisherman have a tattoo that says ‘I will hurt you’?” read tweet Edited by Gingrich.

The tattoos in the query reference lyrics from the song “Damage,” first released by 9 Inch Nails in 1994 and later by country singer Johnny Money in 2002.

Money’s “Damage” model featured on his 2002 album US IV: People back and forthThe last album released in his lifetime.

In 2009, Feltman spoke up Rolling Stones And talked about the tattoos he got, touching the one on the top of his forearm that says “I’ll hurt you”.

John Feltman
Above is John Feitman at his rally with U.S. Congressmen Madeline Dean and Mary Gay Scanlan. The conversation about Feltman’s tattoo sparked a conversation on Twitter.
Mark Macra/Getty Images

In addition to the song’s lyrics, Feltman tattooed the murder date in Braddock, Pennsylvania, the town where he served as mayor, the magazine reported.

“That’s what it did for me,” Feltman said of the lyrics. “Very private.”

Not long ago, Feltman wrote an opinion piece for NBC in response to Fox Information host Tucker Carlson calling his tattoos “clothing.”

He mentioned that he painted 9 dates on his forearm.

“Every day someone dies tragically in Braddock, Pennsylvania, and I was the mayor,” Feltman wrote. “Gun violence and violent crime may also be a joke to someone like Carlson, but to a guy like Cloth. For people in a city like Ruddock, they are very real.”

Lieutenant Governor Fettman of Pennsylvania, currently embroiled in his Senate campaign, opposes Dr. Mohamed Oz.

Gingrich’s tweet on Sunday drew responses from Twitter customers.

“Because it’s the lyrics to the song ‘Damage’ and he’s a fan of 9 Inch Nails or Johnny Money in the NIN song?” Suggest a Twitter user. “It’s a lyric about a real specific person who’s been affected by an actual struggle with self-loathing and fear of abandoning himself and his family.”

“Because it’s a line on the track, you ticking hypocrite” Wrote another twitter user. “Now try to discredit Johnny Mooney’s singing.”

“It’s a tribute to the kind of lively, cowardly urban emo hippie musician you’ve never heard of, Newt.” wrote one Twitter user. “A guy named Johnny Mooney.”

“Because he’s both a Johnny Money fan and [Nine Inch Nails],” Read the tweet. “What does it matter, anyway?”

“He’s a fan of both 9 Inch Nails and Johnny Money, rightly so.” Read another tweet. “Anyway, he’s more than 1,000 times cooler than you.”

Information week Contact John Feitman’s Marketing Campaign for more reviews.

Fetterman and Ounces plan to debate before the November election. Polls in early September showed Feltman with about 48 percent of voters, compared with 40 percent for Ounceshas.

John Fettman’s Johnny Money Music Tattoo Confuses Newt Gingrich

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