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John Lennon said he and Bob Dylan were “tense” around each other

John Lennon and Bob Dylan were among the many biggest names in music in the 1960s, so it’s no surprise that their paths crossed. They gradually became good friends, each expressing admiration for the other’s work. Lennon liked Dylan very much, but he admitted everyone seemed nervous after they got together in a group. Nonetheless, he mentioned that they were involved in order to spend time together.

Black and white photo of John Lennon wearing glasses.  Bob Dylan in a blazer and smiling.
John Lennon and Bob Dylan | George Stroud/Category/Getty Images; H. Thompson/Night Normal/Hulton Archive/Getty Pictures

As a musician, John Lennon was a fan of Bob Dylan

The Beatles found out when Dylan traveled to England in 1965. Lennon predicted the American artist would do well at home, albeit probably outside of the Beatles.

John Lennon mentions he and Bob Dylan are ‘nervous’ with each other

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