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Jordi Lladó’s Wiki, Age, And Relationship Status: Who Is He?

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Valentina Zenere and Andrea La Moria

Some information about the famous actress Valentina Zenere

Name Valentina Zenel
Birthday January 15, 1997
age 25
Country of Citizenship Argentina
Profession actress, model and singer
school popular, latin
girlfriend Jody Lado
language Spanish, English

Jordi Lladó is Valentina Zenere’s boyfriend

Valentina Zenere is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend Jordi Llado. The two have been together since 2020.

The happy couple shared the beautiful photos they took on their Instagram account. Recently, the actress shared a photo on her Instagram account of a man she’s dating enjoying on the beach.

They kissed and shared their love as they bathed in the warm sunshine together. The pair did not hide the fact that they were dating through various social media platforms.

According to Gossip Next Door, Valentina began a relationship with Marco De Pietri in 2012. Instagram users can consider Marco an Argentinian influencer for his striking surfing and fashion photos. In addition to this, he was one of the people who founded Clifftone, a menswear and swimwear business. It was also said that she had a romantic relationship with actor Michael Ronda. In Soy Luna, he played the role of Simon Alvarez.

Speaking of director Jordi, who is currently 24, he was born on November 24. You can follow the director on Instagram with the handle @jpllado. Jordi comes from a family with a long political history. He is known to be the grandson of a minister who served in Spain.

Jose Ladado. According to a recent article published in Forbes, Llado holds doctorates from the Complutense University of Madrid and the University of Madras.

This young and promising filmmaker loves to go to new places and learn about different cultures. Jordi has visited several countries, some of which include Greece, Croatia, Nepal and Hungary, among others. Standing 5 feet 6 inches tall, Jordi created several notable works, including Seguint les pass d’Arlequi (1992), Especial Nadalenc (1980) and Galeria de Persontges (1991).

Valentina Zenere’s Wiki Bio and Age

On Wikipedia, 25-year-old Valentina Zenere has a detailed and extensive biography. This gorgeous actress is known for her acting and glamorous looks.

The Argentine actress debuted on January 15, 1997 and has been active in the entertainment industry since she was a child. Valentina started her musical theatre production career at the age of six, and she also appeared on commercial television for Barbie. When the actress first started her career, she was still a high school student.

In 2010, the hit TV series “Cassie Engels” cast the 5-foot-5 Zenere as the show’s star Alai Inchausti. After that, he had several acting roles in both theater and television. His famous musical performance is at Les Misérables.

The role of Ambar Smith, played by the actress on Disney Channel’s Soy Luna and Juacas, was recognized by IMDb as a favorite of millions of viewers. Before that, she played the role of Mara Ulloa in the 2013-2014 Telefe series Aliados. Likewise, she models for Sweet Victorian and Tutta La Frutta ad campaigns.

The popular drama-comedy soap “Cassie Angelis” (2010) introduced Valentina to audiences for the first time in the show’s fourth season. In a similar role, he played the main villain in the Disney Channel’s Soybean Luna series.

Valentina Zenel’s parents

Valentina Zenere was brought into this world by her father Sergio and her mother Nadia. Both her parents have advanced degrees from prestigious institutions of higher learning, making them highly educated.

His father, Sergio, was a graduate student at the University of Buenos Aires, according to several social media platforms. The actress did not reveal her parents’ names, although she posted numerous family photos on her Instagram account.

To his family and his parents, Zenere came across as a very introverted person. Argentina is where he started his life. As such, his parents were born and raised in Argentina. The actress’ parents are very supportive and very proud of her achievements.

Additional information about his parents is yet to be disclosed. News media try to get information from various interviews. However, they were not able to obtain any personal information. The actress provided only a few details about the situation.

Valentina Zenere’s sister on Instagram

Valentina Zenere shared some pictures of her younger siblings on her Instagram account.

Zenere has a younger sister, Luciana. The Christian actress has fond childhood memories of spending time with her siblings. On his Instagram account you can see some pictures where you can see him and his brother. A verified Instagram account can be found under the nickname “valentinazenere”, under which she posts.

Her Instagram account is followed by millions, many of whom are interested in learning more about her personal and professional life. She often posts bold photos, just like another starlet. She tried on several types of clothes and experimented with her physique. Most of his photographs are striking and difficult to decipher.

Starting January 15, Valentina went on vacation with her boyfriend and siblings. Whenever she has free time, the Argentine actress talks to her relatives. A snapshot of Zenere’s girl gang was posted on the internet on April 29, 2021.

At a young age, he never neglected to spend a second with his family, friends or siblings. Despite his busy life, he still finds time to spend with his sister and his colleagues.

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