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Journalist Ayaz Amir’s Daughter’s Inside Story Case Sarah Inam was murdered in law

Justice should be served for the “caring and loving soul” of an Emirati resident who was allegedly murdered by her husband in Pakistan.

Sarah Inam, a 38-year-old Pakistani-Canadian who has lived in the UAE for 14 years, traveled to Islamabad to visit her husband.

After her death last week, Islamabad police said her husband, Shahnawaz Amir, had been detained.

Amir’s father, prominent journalist Ayaz Amir, and his spouse were also detained.

Police reportedly told Pakistani media that Inam was hit in the head with a dumbbell before dumping her body in the water. On Friday, it was discovered.

According to Pakistani media reports, her husband claimed he acted in self-defense.

Three months have passed since Inam’s wedding.

Inam’s good friend Stephanie Habib called him “lively” after working with him at Deloitte and later two Abu Dhabi authorities.

Very cherished good friend and colleague

Born in Libya, Inam attended universities in Libya, Islamabad and Canada before attending Waterloo College in Canada, where she earned a BA in Economics and a Grasp Diploma.

Before moving to Abu Dhabi, she worked for a while in Canada, where she spent 4 years as a public reporting consultant at Deloitte. Her work with 2 Abu Dhabi Authority companies spanned the majority of the previous decade.

Various colleagues and friends have also expressed their admiration for her, with one complimenting her as “very lighthearted and kind”.

A good friend named Saima Ismail told NBC they were both “shocked and heartbroken”.

She described Sarah as having a gentle soul, respectful, warm and kind. Sarah is also very smart and knowledgeable, and he or she is by no means and does not use the guidelines in her hands.

“I consider myself lucky to have recognized her and I know she will be greatly missed by many. I pray for the peace of her beautiful soul.

Stephen Nash and Inam worked together at Deloitte from 2011 to 2014.

He described her as “extremely cherishing having a partner around the world” and that he or she left behind a variety of partners in the United Arab Emirates.

He said she was the kind of person who brightened any room she entered because of her lightness, size, and thoughtfulness.

Sarah is a talented economist with a lifelong passion for working with governments on initiatives aimed at enhancing training, improving employability and fostering financial growth.

“The brutal death of an expensive close friend and colleague actually came as a shock to me.”

Trends in Pakistan need justice

The hashtag #JusticeForSarah went viral on Twitter over the weekend, with Pakistani celebrities curious about the case.

Twitter person Mahira Khan expressed support for Inam.

“How long before any lady killed by anger and privilege gets justice of any kind? Irrelevant label. Yet another outlook on justice. Justice delayed is justice denied,” she said.

Violence against girls and domestic partners has long been a problem in Pakistan.

According to Pakistan’s Ministry of Human Rights, around 28 percent of women between the ages of 15 and 29 have experienced skilled physical violence.

According to Aurat Basis, a girls rights company based mainly in Islamabad, 2,297 incidents of violence against girls were reported in 2021 in four provinces.

These violent incidents include homicides, kidnappings, gang rapes, rapes, honour killings and domestic violence.

Her parents and two older brothers are still alive.

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