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Journalists From Exitosa Puno Suffer Aggression And Cell Phone Theft By Antauro Humala’s Security & More Latest News Here

This morning, ethnologist chief Antauro Humala starred in an unfortunate event on our Profitable Puno episodeOrganisers of ‘Andahuaylazo’ were emotionally dislocated after driver David Mamani reminded him that he was 15 minutes late for an interview scheduled for this time at 6:30am

During the full transmission, the announcer broke a live hyperlink warning that Humala Tasso’s group was trying to seize a cellular group from the media outlet.In addition, he also talked about The ethnologist approached the bridge in “thug” fashion.

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“Right now we’re being attacked by the guys at Antauro Humala, they just took our phone and now they’re returning it. We’re streaming right now, shame on us. We have an interview scheduled for 6.30am, everybody knows The navy got up early. Now we see Mr Antauro Humala a little more and he hit us”, which is the driving force behind the story.

They came viciously to the Exitosa station, and we don’t know what’s wrong with Mr.“, he added.

The reporter explained that the brother of former president Olanta Humala was confused by a request for coordination to increase the interview because he was a few minutes late for the agreed time.

“Would you like to give me permission? Did you say my consideration was because I was late? They usually mention my consideration when I come here. I’m calm!”Hear Antauro Umala sayWho justifies being late for being sick.

“One of the factors I told him was ‘Sir, we have an interview scheduled at 6:30am and we need to make a corresponding agreement to increase the interview. It’s a pity you have one of those habits at Exitosa. He just took a cell phone that our colleague was using and it turned out a little more and he would hit us. horrible.it’s a shameDavid Mamani mentioned.

Check out the video

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Reporter from Exitosa Puno suffers aggression and mobile phone theft at the safety of Antauro Humala
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Reporter from Exitosa Puno suffers aggression and mobile phone theft at the safety of Antauro Humala
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Reporter from Exitosa Puno suffers aggression and mobile phone theft at the safety of Antauro Humala
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