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Lena Stone is married! All the Details from the Singer’s Nashville Wedding to Michael Beckham

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The singer-songwriter — who released her self-titled debut album in April — caught the couple with Michael Beckham at the Shermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville on Saturday, and this is the pair A special place for couples.

“Music is a particularly important part of my life and our chosen Nashville home, and we’ve been going to the symphony together since the beginning of our relationship,” Stone told Personal before the ceremony. “It was a very meaningful wedding venue for us.”


Throughout their wedding day, Stone, 29, and Stormwind filmmaker Beckham, 38, said they wanted to “showcase all the amazing things Nashville has to offer.”

So they partnered with local suppliers, including Eric Adler Clothing for custom evening gowns, Bruce Pittman Occasions for wedding planning and Lauren Marie Atkinson for flower planning.

The couple shared a first look ahead of the ceremony, where they said they planned to exchange “personal vows” privately.

“When she first saw me wearing my dress, I couldn’t wait to see our most memorable look,” said Stone, who adorned her dress with earrings from her late grandmother as her “old thing” “. “
During the ceremony, Phil Barnes, one of the couple’s “closest partners” who also worked with Stone, married them.

“He was very smart and articulate,” Stone said. “We realized he would work effectively and make our ceremony personal to us.” The ceremony was followed by a reception, where guests indulged in a gluten-free red velvet wedding cake and Swiss meringues from local bakery Foamy Monkey Ghee, while Stone and Beckham performed their most memorable couple dance.

“We took some dance lessons together to get ready, and it was one of my favorite parts of the entire wedding planning process,” Stone said. While preparing for the wedding, Stone also recorded a “special new version” of her song “Love of My Life (Wedding Edition),” which she included on an exclusive version of her August album.

Stone and Beckham’s romance began about nine years ago, when they met through opposing sidekicks in the bout of Essayist and Lindsley at the Third Bar. After a year of being friends with “secret crushes”, they decided to make things official.

As for how Stone realized Beckham was that person, he said it was “the moment when he started spending time with my family and I saw how much he got along with everyone and how much they valued him.” Meanwhile, Beckham realizes that Stone is the guy they were before they even started dating because “we’ve always taken the time to get to know each other” as roommates.

“We would go out for drinks and I remember time seemed to stop when we were together,” she said. “He made me happy at the time, and he really made me happy at this point.”
The pair wanted to wait until they both finished school before getting married after Beckham asked about using the “Consider Wldflwrs” engagement ring to get married in late spring 2021.

Stone attributes their strong relationship to “good communication.”

“We’re really trying to check each other out,” he said.

“We love date night, whether it’s just a drink at a roadside bar or a chance for us to talk and connect.”

As she turns her attention to her future with Beckham, Stone said she is excited for all the “upcoming milestones”.

“I can’t wait for all the big moments — the day of buying a house, getting a dog and becoming a parent — but every minute in between,” she said.

Before forever, however, the couple will spend their honeymoon in Italy. “Let’s relax and celebrate!” Stone said.

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