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Liliana Segre President Of The Senate Awaiting The New Parliament. Rosato In The Chamber & More Latest News Here

Even within a few days, the senator forever Liliana Segre Sarah President of the SenateHowever Ettore Rosato will hand over the work to Room. Parliamentary rules proposed for this purpose. A temporary function, pending the establishment of a brand new chamber of commerce.As the countdown nears completion, in fact, the countdown’s first session of the new parliament: date ready October 13However, there are already 10 delegates and senators, especially first-time elected MPs, who will walk through the doors of 2 buildings to perform bureaucratic duties (tasks ranging from photos of parliamentary cards to personal accounts and emails).

Primary elections reduced

This may be a form of the first day of college, characterized by an absolute novelty: the seats in both houses will be reduced by 345 representatives and senators, the result of the M5S’s constitutional reform that reduces the variety of elected officials: from 630 to 400 a Montecitorio, from 315 to 200 at Palazzo Madama. A void that can even be seen through the classroom format: strong wings may be reduced, but not completely eradicated, to ensure the ability to conduct a broad curriculum. Like Segre and Rosato to direct the work of the main sessions of the two branches of Parliament.

House and Senate, regents established by completely different rules

The rules determine who presides over the main proceedings of the House and Senate. In Montecitorio, due to the fact that Rosato, the responsibility was allocated to the eldest by election among the many vice-chairmen of the early legislature.Within the Senate, the function is temporarily entrusted to the oldest person possible, due to the fact that the president is honorary Giorgio Napolitano. The mandate of the legislature, which he had initially completed, has just come to an end. However, the well-being of the former President of the Republic passed the baton to Segre. The interim presidents will then proceed to announce their electors.After that, we have a meeting called the election of a new Speaker and Senate Speaker who will succeed Roberto Fico and Maria Elizabeth Alberti Caserati.

Election of a new Speaker and Senate President

The election of the Speaker is conducted by secret ballot with a two-thirds majority, starting from the second ballot, a two-thirds majority is required, and a secret ballot is counted. After the third ballot, a supermajority is sufficient. To elect the president of the Senate, an absolute majority of members is required in the first and second ballots. If 2 votes are unsuccessful, a 3rd ballot is held the next day, during which time these current supermajorities are sufficient, additional clean votes are counted. If no one is elected in the third ballot, the Senate will vote on the same day, and the 2 candidates who received the most votes in the previous ballot and the candidate who received the relative majority are declared elected. In the event of an equal number of votes, the oldest possible person is elected or directly to the ballot. Once the 2 chairmen are elected, 4 vice-chairmen, 3 treasurers and 8 secretaries who form the bureau are elected.

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Giacomo Galanti

Parliamentary teams, this is how they are formed

Meanwhile, within two days of the primary meeting, representatives should announce to the secretary of the chamber which group they belong to, while senators have an extra day at their disposal. With the number of members dwindling, the Senate allowed changes to the statute at the end of last July’s legislature to adapt it to the new form of the Lady’s Palace. Or, no modifications were made to the Montecitorio regulations, which in any case had to be recalibrated throughout the building with brand new numbers.To type a parliamentary group in a chamber requires a minimum of types 20 delegatesIn the Senate, the required portion is already 10 and has been reduced to six. Within 4 days of the primary election meeting (because of this fact, before Monday, October 17), the Speaker of the Assembly requested that the representatives belonging to each group be called and included in the mixed group to proceed with the election of their respective group leaders .

Confidence in new authorities at the end of October

At the Lady’s Palace, brand new rules require teams to be convened to elect their president “within seven days of the primary meeting” (by Thursday, October 20, due to this fact). Once a parliamentary group is formed, the technical and bureaucratic steps take place, and members of the Legal Committee, the Elections and Parliamentary Immunities Committee, and the Library Fees are appointed to the Montecitorio and Historical Archives. , notify the Senate. and many more. However, the steps that will be crucial for Parliament to be able to preside over a vote of confidence in a new Council Chair in joint sessions are major: the election of the Chairs of both houses of Parliament, the composition of the teams and their respective electoral leaders. This is because the two presidents and group leaders participated in the consultations on Quirinale. Because of this fact, wanting to be on the calendar, it is conceivable that the federal government will ask parliament for its opinion no earlier than the top of the moon. The structure reads: “Each chamber has a motivated campaign to grant or revoke beliefs, and by roll call. Within ten days of its establishment, the federal government presents itself to the chambers to acquire their beliefs”.

Senate President Liliana Segre is waiting for a brand new parliament.Rosato in the conference hall
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Senate President Liliana Segre is waiting for a brand new parliament.Rosato in the conference hall
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Senate President Liliana Segre is waiting for a brand new parliament.Rosato in the conference hall
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