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Linus Torvalds predicts Linux Kernel 6.0 will debut next week • The Register

Linux kernel boss Linus Torvalds gave the community an optimistic prediction that a 6.zero model of the project could be launched next week.

Last week, Torvalds felt that might not be the case.

Announcing Torvald’s release candidate 6 in his 18.9 Kernel replace status, noting that at the 2022 Maintainers Summit in Dublin, a number of influential penguinists were frolicking from their desks.

“I’m assuming rc7 is bigger than regular because pull requests change every week, and at worst that means I really feel like we want an extra rc8,” he wrote, including adding, “but Now that I’ve bought ‘I don’t think it’s obvious that it received _that__, I hope we’re just following a common schedule.”

It turns out that his guess was correct.

“So I thought rc7 might be better than normal because of rc6’s journey, but it doesn’t really seem to be happening,” Torvalds wrote in this week’s kernel update release.

“Of course, it may be slightly larger than the historical average for this period of the discharge cycle, but it is certainly not an outlier and seems to be fairly regular. This is all well and good and makes me think that the final launch will go right as planned by the end of next week, Unless something happens suddenly.”

Torvalds even thinks the current kernel is very clear.

“In the best way possible, rc7 is (I believe) the first time we have an explicit ‘make allmodconfig’ structure, without warnings from clang, since the patch for body measurement points has been merged into AMD’s display code,” he wrote. “The stack volume measurement is still quite large (and the code isn’t entirely fair), but now it’s below the level we’re warning.”

For Linux admirers like us, all of these factors make for an enjoyable week over the next week. The Chronicle version 6.0 kernel contains some notable issues, such as additional help for RISC-V and Intel’s Gaudi accelerator, and enhancements to server message block work three efficiency, which should improve memory I/O to community file sharing.

Torvalds ended his release with the title “Give this (hope) the last week of testing, but all is well.” ®

Linus Torvalds predicts Linux Kernel 6.zero will debut next week • The Register

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