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LIVE: No Spectacle In The First Half, Can The Red Devils Score After The Break?

  1. 31′ – Continued. Steven Berghuis of Cody Gakpo
  2. 6′ – Yellow – Timothy Castagne

The Pink Devils are trying tonight to avenge their early defeat against the Orange in the National League. Can the Belgian unpack and still crown himself group winner? Follow it on Radio 1 or update it here. Starts at 8.45pm.

  1. 52nd minute of the second half. Van Dijk sends Taylor a long pass. He waits for a bounce and pops. Castagne is still good! .
  2. 48 minutes of the second half. Carrasco shot back immediately. Dumfries effectively caught the excessive ball and his shot went in front of Courtois with a wide range. .
  3. 47th minute of the second half. 2 substitutions per team. For Belgium, Batshuayi and Meunier will stay in the dressing room, while Decatur and Carrasco will be part of the squad. In Holland, Aké and Janssen played for Taylor and Malacia. .
  4. The 46th minute of the second half. Kick-off collision! Taylor whistles for the game. Courtois had to move away immediately and collided with Dumfries. However, you can continue to fight every time you fall damage. .
  5. The 46th minute of the second half begins
  6. Halftime, 9:32pm.Substitution for Belgium, Charles De Ketelaere on, Michy Batshuayi off
  7. Halftime, 21:32.Belgium substitute, Jannick Carrasco on, Thomas Meunier off
  8. Half-time, 21:32, Dutch substitute, Tyrell Malacia on, Nathan Aké off
  9. Halftime, 21h32. Netherlands substitution, Kenneth Taylor on, Vincent Janssen off
  10. Relax, 9:36pm We stay hungry. The spectacle we hoped for, we haven’t seen yet. It might still come… Eddy Snelders of Radio One.
  11. Half time, 21 hours and 33 minutes. Halftime: 0-0. The closed first half ended. The Netherlands has great respect for Belgium. It squirmed again, leaving the Pink Devils to threaten just a few instances with Hazard, Witsel, Castagne, and Onana. .
  12. The game ends in the 47th minute of the first half
  13. 1st half, 46th minute. Vertonghen delivered another fine shot that put Passwell in the stands. Although the attack was called offside by Taylor. .
  14. 45th minute of the first half. Two extra minutes. .
  15. 45th minute of the first half.
  16. 43rd minute of the first half. Debast doesn’t seem to be safe. This is the fourth time he has accidentally taken the ball away and missed the ball. The next corner was innocent. .
  17. 1st half, 43rd minute. We walked slowly to the last few minutes. The Belgian should have been scoring. Peter van den Bent on Radio 1.

LIVE: There were no spectacles in the first half, can the Pink Devils still score after the intermission? | UEFA Nations League 2022/2023
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LIVE: There were no spectacles in the first half, can the Pink Devils still score after the intermission? | UEFA Nations League 2022/2023
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LIVE: There were no spectacles in the first half, can the Pink Devils still score after the intermission? | UEFA Nations League 2022/2023
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