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Liz Cheney vows to quit GOP if Trump nominated, clashes with Kari Lake

In the Wyoming major last month, Liz Cheney lost in a landslide to Trump-backed candidate Harriet Hagman. Cheney was exhausted with a whopping 37.4 points — the second major defeat for the home team veteran in 60 years. Despite the overwhelming lack of help from Republican voters, Cheney is trying to chart a course for the Republican Party to “get together.”

Cheney appeared in the Texas Tribune beauty pageant Saturday, threatening to leave the GOP to get together if former President Donald Trump becomes the GOP’s 2024 presidential nominee.

“I’m going to make sure Donald Trump — I’m going to do everything I can to verify that he’s not a candidate,” Cheney told Texas Tribune CEO Evan Smith. “If he was the candidate, I wouldn’t be a Republican.”

Smith asked Cheney if he would consider working for the president to prevent Trump from working a second time, to which the congresswoman responded: “I will actively do my best to verify that Donald Trump isn’t going anywhere near the Oval. shape.” The workplace came. “

Cheney added: “If I had known what I know now, I would not have voted for Donald Trump.”

Cheney also vowed to defeat another No. 1 Republican candidate in the United States, Arizona gubernatorial candidate Cary Lake.

“I’m going to do everything I can to make sure Lake Cary doesn’t get elected,” Cheney said.

“I feel like we have to do all the work now that we can verify that these guys weren’t elected,” she said of Lake-Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano. “We have to verify that Mastriano did not win.”

Lake again slammed Cheney for taking action on her personal political occasion on Fox Information’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“It’s probably the biggest and greatest reward I’ve ever had,” Lake jokingly suggested host Maria Bartiromo. “I mean, people in Wyoming hate her, and I’m pretty sure people in Arizona don’t like Lizzie Cheney.”

“The Republican Party, the brand new Republican Party, is the occasion for those of us,” Cheney Lake said. “Now is not the time to be belligerent.”

“Liz Cheney should probably change her voter registration,” Lake quipped. “It appears she’s actually a Democrat.”

Check it out on twitter laugh at Cheney’s Shameful Fail: “She’s devoting more of her power to voting for the Democrats than successfully completing her personal profession, lol.”

Cheney also attacked Family Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, saying he should never be allowed to be Speaker of the House.

“Every second our test time comes, Kevin needs to make a decision…he makes a politically easy choice for him, or a politically expedient choice, instead of doing what the country wants, “Cheney blasted McCarthy.

Last month, Cheney vowed to help opponents of Republican abstentions — even if it meant serving the Democrats and defeating members of their own venue.

Cheney — the Republican daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney — has received help from traditional media and Democrats for his anti-Trump stance and as co-chair of the Interior Committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riots .

You can watch the total Texas Forum pageant interview with Liz Cheney below.

TTF22: Final Keynote: One-on-One with Liz Cheney


Liz Cheney vows to block GOP if Trump nominates, clashes with Lake Cary

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