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Man caught urinating and defecation on ex-wife’s grave: ‘Bad breakup’

A New Jersey man was found urinating on his ex-wife’s grave when he was nearly 5 years old after his divorce.

Michael Andrew Murphy freaks out when he captures the September 18 profanity. The graveyard at Tappan Reformed Church Cemetery in Orange, New York, is the resting place of his mother, Linda Torello.

Murphy suggested to the local information store that his mother’s ex-husband had left months of feces and urine on his mother’s tombstone, apparently to perpetuate the hateful relationship into the 1970s again. The suspect is Dean Eichler, 68, who was briefly married to Torello before their divorce in 1974.

“No connection since 1976. I know they’ve been married for a year. They had a foul breakup,” Murphy told New Jersey Information 12. “This shouldn’t happen to anyone.”

Tombstone Evergreen Cemetery
Headstones at Evergreen Cemetery on September 12, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. A New Jersey man was found urinating on his ex-wife’s grave when he was nearly 5 years old after his divorce.
Mario Tama / The Worker / Getty Photography North America

He mentioned that he and his sister found deli suitcases full of feces in their mum’s grave in April. They thought the first bag might need to be thrown away by a careless dog walker, but after the second, they called them cops.

The cemetery allowed them to arrange for cameras that recently confirmed Eichler’s approach to the grave, while his current spouse waited in the car. The perpetrators were identified at around 6:15am for 4 consecutive days, but the photos are not entirely clear.

The next day, September 18, Murphy visited the cemetery and photographed the man with his phone. He mentioned on Fb that the sight made him sick, where he posted the incriminating video.

“It broke my [heart]’ his title mentions. “A guy from Bergen County, NJ, almost every morning, as a traditional routine, with the assistance of his spouse, put his luggage on my mom’s gravestone. Plus, now we have weeks and months evidence of.”

In a follow-up video, he mentioned: “I’m sick. My sisters, my brothers, we’re exhausted.”

The Orange Township Police Department confirmed to the Daily Voice that Eichler has been issued a summons for urinating in a public place and that detectives are further investigating and there is a possibility of additional critical charges.

Cemetery desecration, which may include theft or destruction of property, graves or cemeteries, is a felony in New York State if the damage exceeds $250.

Murphy hit this injury threshold after hiring a hazmat company to take away his mother’s urine-soaked ornaments. He recommends professional cleaning of her mother’s tombstone and replacement in the surrounding grass, which he recommends daily. ll.

Information week Contact Murphy and the Orange Township Police Department for comment.

Man urinating and defecating on ex-wife’s grave: ‘Unhealthy breakup’

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