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Marches In Colombia LIVE, Today Monday, September 26: Know Where The Protests Will Be, Schedules And More Information

exist Colombialess than two months into the presidency Gustavo Petro Opponents of his administration will hold their first nationwide march after returning to work on Monday, Sept. 26, in which they will speak out against measures like tax reform, rising gasoline prices and pension reform. The federal government is already learning.

Likewise, the decision has gained power on social networks, which is why it has become an ideal platform to collectively communicate different aspects of opposition to the Petro authorities.

Architect Pierre Onzaga was the initiator of the demonstration and was recently mentioned by House President David Racero in a neighborhood setting On what led to the call for protest.

Onzaga mentioned that one of the many main reasons for leaving was the tax reform proposed by Finance Minister Jose Antonio Ocampo. “We found that they had told the nation that the reform was for the 4,000 richest Colombians, but it appears to be for the 48 million richest Colombians. It was mentioned that household baskets should not be taxed, but in the end it was To tax plastics and gasoline. What we’re saying here is that we found some of the issues that were provided, but it didn’t actually happen”report.

House Chairman David Racero, in turn, has defined that to provide full parade and display rights to all residents who want to parade. Nonetheless, he also expressed his views on continuing to mobilize against the names chosen by the oil authorities.

“The organizers of this mobilization called it ‘against reform’. It’s the name of a country that refuses to reform. It’s the name of an individual who they may be able to think the country is working on effectively. The overall feeling is the other way around. If it’s a place that’s prevalent across the country, maybe President Gustavo Petro won’t get the favored help he has, which shows how well the president is doing without being in office for two months, but,” Racero definition.

After arriving in New York for a regular meeting of the United Nations, President Gustavo Petro referred to what has been described as a mobilization against his authorities, mentioning that if he needed to leave, he would need to oppose former President Ivan. Duke.

These are the assembly factors for some cities:


  • Plaza Héroes Caídos, CAN, Route 26, towards Plaza Bolivar.
  • National Park in the direction of Plaza Bolivar.


  • Joe Arroyo’s monument to Bolivar Avenue.


  • Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital to Parque de las Luces.


  • From Pan Am Park to Plazoleta Jairo Varela.


This time Monday, September 26, the parade in Colombia is live: Know where protests are likely to take place, schedule and additional information | Answers
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This time Monday, September 26, the parade in Colombia is live: Know where protests are likely to take place, schedule and additional information | Answers
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This time Monday, September 26, the parade in Colombia is live: Know where protests are likely to take place, schedule and additional information | Answers
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