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‘Mom, I Hear Blurry’ – El Financiero & More Latest News Here

some days in the past, Eugenio Delbez He appeared on social networks for the first time, speaking in a personal voice about what happened to him in the accident, which led to emergency surgical intervention, where doctors sedated him to avoid severe pain. Still, the CODA actor deals with issues calmly and humorously, so this Saturday he shared a video to make himself happy.

Debez entertains herself in video

nearly three weeks later Alessandra Rosaldo, Derbez’s spouse shared an announcement informing viewers of an accident with actors and producers, and the lead character of the P. Luche family began to become active on social networks.

In the latest video posted on his Instagram account, Eugenio Derbez created a hilarious video through which he represents what happened to him in the accident.

Eugenio Derbez has revealed many characters for his comedy, including “El Diablito,” whose main attribute is to do evil to the worldly people from hell.

In Derbez’s plans, the block “El Diablito” is rarely used to activate levers on the board to trigger the misfortune of passersby “from the outside”; these scenes are taken from tidbits that alternate with those of the aforementioned characters to show that he is trigger.

The actor replicates this similar structure in his video, where he does a “chrestomatia” to his fall.

In the clip, you’ll be able to see a man wearing digital reality glasses; momentarily, “El Diablito” appears in a mischievous gesture that foreshadows one of his basic evil deeds. The character is immediately prompted for a button that implies a kind of “push” on the person, and in the ensuing scene, the person falls head-on.

To make the tone of the clip even more comical, Derbez included an audio clip that went viral on TikTok, in which he said, “Hey, wait a minute… Mom, I can’t hear you clearly.”

The actor’s well-known colleagues responded quickly; for example, comic Adrián Uribe, Vanessa Bauche and even the younger actress Natalia Esperón commented on the submission with emoji.

“Mom, I can’t hear you a little bit” – El Financiero
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“Mom, I can’t hear you a little bit” – El Financiero
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“Mom, I can’t hear you a little bit” – El Financiero
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