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Mom, who refused to let family with kids vacation 9,500 miles away, cheered

A mum has found help online after revealing she doesn’t need her family to take her children on holiday.

A new survey of 2,000 people found that most reported four family holidays in the 12 months they were toddlers. 42% of respondents mentioned vacations as their favorite trip as a toddler — far more important than family or college trips. 68% said they still have fond memories of their summer vacation.

However, on the speaking site Mumsnet, a mum voiced her concerns about her children taking vacations without parents. With three children, ages 5, 7, and 11, she defines that they often take her to visit several times over a 12-month period.

child walking through airport
Stock photo of a boy walking alone in the airport. The network supports a mum who does not wish to travel with relatives with her children.
tatyana_tomsickova/Getty Images

Recently, however, various relatives have started suggesting to take her on a solo trip.

“My relatives – dad, mum and brother – all expressed curiosity to take their children for the New Year’s leave,” the mum wrote. “It won’t be collective – my dad and mum want to take my kids We are on a unique journey, not the journey my brother needed.”

However, the mom and her husband were not thrilled with the proposal, and she or he defined them with only a few opinions.

“My dad and mom stay around and probably see their grandkids every time they need them. So why do they take their kids abroad every year? To travel somewhere,” Mom said.

The girl’s brother, who lives in Australia, said he wanted to see the children because he hadn’t seen them. “We urge all of us to travel as a family, but he is not and needs to spend 1-2-1 time with the kids without us,” she wrote. “For kids, it goes a long way to go to someone they don’t know.”

The mum was nervous about the advice to bring children, explaining: “We are excited to bring our children as much as possible and spend time with our families. We don’t want to deprive them of options, but it’s not something we’re happy with , but the relationship confuses it is vital to them. It looks like they want to tell us the best way to add young people. I haven’t decided on the best way to address this.”

The girl asked for recommendations on the Internet and said, “Is it unreasonable if I say no?”

Soon, a flood of replies filled the online conversation, and people quickly sided with mom and dad.

“There’s no way. In fact, you’re uncomfortable,” one responded. “These are your kids and you want to be with them too, that’s why you have them.”

Another Mumsnet consumer wrote: “So unusual. They’re her mom and dad and her fast family; after all you want to be with them, and if they’re alone with a different family, you’ll naturally say no.”

“Simply no,” another urged in response, “no additional rationalization or dialogue required.”

“Are you sending them alone to someone they don’t know? No chance. Go with your courage,” another commented.

Information week The gist of the case cannot be confirmed.

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Mother who refuses to let family with kids travel 9,500 miles to cheer

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