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More people suffer from high BP than expected: Report

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NEW YORK, Sept. 25 (IANS) Millions of people may unknowingly experience high blood pressure because their levels only rise at night, another test is recommended.

A study by Oxford College found that one in eight adults aged 40 to 75 had high blood pressure at night and was ignored by daytime GP arrangements up to this point.


Having high blood pressure increases an individual’s risk of coronary artery failure, stroke and even death — especially if it goes undetected.

Solid individuals typically see their circulatory stress decrease at night when the body slows down and prepares to rest. However, scientists have reportedly found that the opposite happens in 15 percent of people.

This review, shared in the British General Practice Diary, involved around 21,000 patients from 28 GP clinics and four clinics in the Oxford area.

NHS watchdog Pleasant advises GPs to assess patients based on daytime circulatory stress levels.

However, the Oxford-based group said touring should be used more often – when the sleeves are worn in a time period north of the 24-hour period.

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