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MSNBC Panelist Slams Lindsey Graham Over Abortion Law: ‘I’ve Never Seen A Vagina’

Comic Judy Gold slams Senator Lindsey Graham’s proposal to ban abortion nationwide after a woman is 15 weeks pregnant, saying in an MSNBC panel on Friday that he “has never seen a vagina.” “. “.

Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, introduced laws earlier this month that, if filed, would ban medical procedures other than rape, incest or saving the lives of many mothers.

Critics slam senator’s invoice, accusing him of hypocrisy after he said abortion legislation should be left to states after Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Mavericks, The case for securing abortion rights across the country. Still, Graham defended the legislation, saying it could convey abortion coverage to “the mainstream of the most diverse populations on the planet” during a press conference advocating for the legislation.

His Abortion Legislation Has Gradually Became the Subject of Conversation on MSNBC 11th hour Hosted by Stephanie Ruhle with Gold with Nancy Giles, Ron Insana and Liz Plank.

MSNBC panelists condemn Graham abortion bill
Above, Senator Lindsey Graham speaks during a news conference in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 5, and talks on MSNBC on Friday.
Kevin Deitch/Getty Images

During the panel discussion, Gold mentioned that the proposed ban is not only politically toxic — referring to a referendum in the Republican-leaning state of Kansas, where voters overwhelmingly supported reproductive rights — but he also mentioned Graham shouldn’t tell the ladies what they do with our bodies.

In Kansas, with more than 61 percent of the vote, a statewide referendum blocked Republican lawmakers from banning or restricting abortion when the election was mentioned in the relevant media.The Kansas abortion referendum — the first on the issue in nearly 50 years — is widely seen as a postroe U.S.

“In fact, he tells ladies what to do with our bodies – he’s never seen a vagina. He’s never seen a plain girl, he’s telling me?” demanded gold.

Gold’s feedback caused laughter from the group, with Ruhle adding: “We’re not sure. We’re not sure.”

Her feedback gave the impression that Graham was secretly gay, which some Democrats have used to attack Republican senators. However, these rumors, denounced by many as homophobic, have no real basis.

Nonetheless, Gold’s feedback has drawn some backlash on social media, with critics saying her wisdom crossed the line.

“MSNBC went too far…it should apologize to Senators & viewers.” “MSNBC panel agrees Lindsey Graham never saw a vagina,” tweeted Greta Van Susteren, a former MSNBC anchor of Newsmax road.

“MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle and her left-wing visitors, CNBC’s Ron Insana, MSNBC columnist Liz Plank and comedian Judy Gold are having some critical gay bashing,” tweeted radio host Mark Simone.

On Saturday, Gold took to Twitter to lash out at her critics again, writing: “Now would I say something like this? Absolutely!!!! #AbortionIsHealthcare.”

Graham’s abortion invoice unlikely to cross, may weigh GOP

Graham introduced abortion invoices two months ahead of November’s midterm elections.Abortion rights a key conundrum in post-coup midterm elections roe in June. The issue has shaken Democratic voters and has left Republicans protected in a year when they initially hoped to capitalize on President Joe Biden’s low approval ratings for victory.

However, polls show voters do not support a nationwide abortion ban, although many support some guardrails. Graham’s invoice could threaten pro-reproductive-rights voters away from the GOP.

The invoice is unlikely to garner enough support among Republican senators to develop into legislation.

Senate Republicans hope to get 60 votes to defeat the House filibuster and allow debate on invoices. Even if Republicans win the Senate in November, they don’t appear to have a viable strategy for winning 60 seats.

Even if they take over the Senate, a handful of Republican senators, like Susan Collins of Maine, support abortion rights.Even some Republican senators who supported the coup roe Imagine that abortion should be decided by the state. No fewer than 14 Republican senators opposed the legislation.

Information week Senator Graham’s workplace and Gold’s spokesman were contacted for comment.

MSNBC panelist slams Lindsey Graham for abortion legislation: ‘I’ve never seen a vagina’

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