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Multiversus Update 1.03 Patch Notes For Today (Sep 27)

The Multiversus 1.03 update should be rolling out later, introducing several new skins for Reindog and Steven Universe, making some stability tweaks to the Warrior’s development system, and fixing various bugs.

As I noticed, the new patch for VGC Multiversus will double the amount of XP required to level up a character from level 3 to level 15. According to Developers the streets to level 15 are shorter than expected, and gamers used to reach this level of mastery before they needed to. Therefore, the above adjustments should be used to lengthen the cues to mastery.


connect: Darkest Dungeon 2 Altar Of Hope update introduces new development systemA brand new anti-infinite combo will replace 1.03 there, which allegedly “smashes all subsequent attacks if four or more instances of the same attack are used in the same actual mixture.” The purpose of this approach is to prevent gamers from exploiting Identify hits or combinations and prompt them to use quite a few creative concoctions.

In addition to the above, you can expect faster load times with the new update on PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Two new beauty gadgets from Reindog and brand new gear from Steven Universe are opposite additions to the campaign.

In terms of character balance, Gizmo and Garnet get a lot of buffs, while Superman, Shaggy, Finn, and Jake are underrated. You can view the full adjustment log at:


  • Rick Sanchez joins MultiVersus! Rick is a brand new charming character to join the roster.
  • The XP required to maneuver from level 3 to level 15 on the character mastery path has been doubled
  • We’ve been finding that gamers can reach Path of Mastery level 15 in a short period of time. That’s to help us do some extra journeys.
  • Get efficiency enhancements for PS4 and Xbox One.
  • The initial free character to complete the introductory tutorial has been transformed from Marvel Girl to Shaggy. Marvel Girl is now available in Gold or Gleamium.
  • Assault decomposition steps have been added to the introductory tutorial.
  • Fixed a puzzle in Coop-Versus-AI that only allowed Marvel Girl and Reindog bots to appear.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some players from equipping profile icons.
  • Fixed a bug where motion would normally freeze in the end of motion display screen.


  • Reindog Pores and Skin: Chef Reindog is here!
  • Reindog Pores and Skin: Golden Reindog is now available! It may only be purchased with gold!
  • Steven Universe Pores and Skins: Tiger Millionaire is there now!

TWITCH extension

  • Minor visible bug fixes
  • Added “Fighter Voting”, which enables broadcasters to vote for their favorite fighters for their viewers, and viewers using MultiVersus can get more votes.
  • Added flexibility for viewers using MultiVersus to assert free bread from Twitch channels running the extension.

game program

Unlimited counter attack system

  • We’ve applied a brand new infinite counter attack combo system, which can destroy all subsequent attacks if four or more instances of the same attack are used in the same actual mixture. The purpose is to limit unlimited combinations globally and make combinations more creative. We hope this change will immediately allow gamers to discover new and more exciting combo modes.
  • The maximum change for the same attack we’ve been considering using is 3, but we want to judge the change more slowly. We will evaluate changes and would love to make suggestions on how to enhance the system!
  • Added option to choose between four commands or eight correct joystick management (joystick) commands in the settings menu.

Ballistics Program

  • We are insisting on replacing the missile program on this patch. Among the many most notable additions is a new “light projectile” category for projectiles that don’t regenerate knockdowns. A modest projectile in the sport at the moment is Rick’s uncharged cannon and Neptr support-fired pie.

role update


  • Bugfix: Fixed where Arya could inflict far more damage than intended.
  • Bugfix: Specially Unbiased: Fixed point that caused hit containers to not reliably hit loot.
  • Still, we’re looking for an Arya-specific update, but we’ll take some extra time to get it right. It is expected to be replaced in the near future.

rabbit flea

  • Backside Air Assault: Hitbox is barely small to match the visuals


  • Air Facet Assault Bug Fix: You may now not be able to ignore certain air restrictions while doing an Assault.
  • Air Down Assault: Quickly cancels when the hit is eliminated.
  • Floor Facet Assault: Cancel immediate bounce when hit is eliminated.


  • Floor Assault: Garnet now retains some speed as it goes into Assault.
  • Floor Assault: The reward on hit has been reduced by three frames.
    • This change should enhance Garnet’s means of pursuing profitable attacks.
  • Air Attack: Hitbox high energy frame starts 2 frames early
  • Unbiased Air Assault: Reduces recovery by three frames on hit.
    • This change should enhance Garnet’s means of pursuing profitable attacks.


  • Bounce Speed: Bounce speed has been increased from 3400 to 3700.
  • Extraordinary Unbiased/Floor: Extends the lifetime of musical performances from 9 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Especially the floor: the car is now classified as a heavy projectile
  • Air Facet Special: 5 frames lower in return
  • Air Down Special: Now you can bounce and unlock assault exits


  • Bugfix: Special Down: Fixed an issue where Jack-in-the-Field would not normally hit overlapping enemies

Iron big

  • Bugfix: Extra Justice: Bolts now don’t break when leaving the blast site, but Iron Big doesn’t get KO’d


  • Air/Floor Down Special: While at the house and at the bottom, Jake will no longer bounce opponents at the bottom.
  • Land Drop Assault: Boosts four frames per smell (miss) recovery.


  • Changed: The Beta label has been removed.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug that could trigger the ball to disappear when thrown near an enemy.
  • Particularly Unbiased Air/Ground: When allies receive a cross, they will unleash small explosions to hit enemies.
    • Basketball No-Look crossover speed increased from 3000 to 3200
  • Air/Floor Down: Does not block heavy projectiles
  • Air Impartial Basketball Assault: Does not break the shield on the first shot.


  • Changed: The Beta label has been removed.


  • Air Facet Special: Improves recovery by three frames per smell (miss).
  • Unbiased Airstrike: Does not break the shield on the first hit

steven universe

  • Air/Earth: Clean movement so attacks don’t stop
  • Floor Attack 1 – 3: Move easily so that the attack does not collide
    • The main attack can now be withdrawn as early as the second attack
    • The second attack can now be launched earlier in the last attack
    • Improve forward motion throughout your attack so you can hit the ball more reliably.
  • Air Facet Assault: Knockout range increased from 13.5 to 14.5
    • Stephen’s level kill energy is very low. We hope this transition will help him in that regard.
  • Specific Air/Ground Aspects: Little to no increase in projectile speed.
  • Air Attack: Hitbox Vibrant Windows starts earlier than 2 windows.
    • This change makes the vibrant result frame more correct in matching animations.


  • Floor Assault: Charged Knockout Vary reduced from 2.0x to 1.5x.
    • Cancel lowered four frames
    • This may make the attack bigger than the dedication
  • Unbiased Floor Attack: Cancellation cost reduced by four frames.
  • Air Up Special: 12 FPS boost rewards per sniff (miss).
    • Low base batting throw.
    • This may help make the wall tent method considerably less efficient.

tom and jerry

  • Floor facet Attack 1: Hitbox high energy body boost 2 frames
    • Four frames per sniff (miss) recovery
  • Floor Facet Assault 2: Enhanced four frame recovery while in trance (missing)
  • Air Facet Assault: Recovery dropped three frames
    • Floor recovery cancel lowered by 7 frames
  • Down Air Assault: Recovery dropped three frames
    • The recovery window to cancel the globe is moved three frames.
    • The recoil angle has been pushed to super level
  • Air/Terrestrial Imppartial Particular: If Tom is killed, Jerry will return to Tom, and yes to allies.


  • Bugfix: Earth-specific: Fixed a bug where Velma Flasks could not reliably use ice hills
  • Unbiased Air/Ground Assault: Bugfix: Maelstrom speech bubbles now do not consume extra ammo.
    • Allies with improved speech bubbles will now not apply a single weakness bundle.
  • Down Air Assault: The angle of the strike has been pushed to an extra level
  • Air/Floor Up Air: Fix raised three frames.
  • Unbiased for specific antennas/floors: joint boost beams now do not apply individual weak beams
    • Improved beam base recoil has been reduced from 1750 to 1600.

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