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My Presidency Stepping Stone For Igbo –Atiku

from Magnus Eze, Geoffrey Anyanwu and Jude Chinedu, Enugu

president Yesterday, Atiku Abubakar, a candidate for the People’s Celebration for Democracy (PDP), told people in the southeast that his presidency could become a regional production if elected in the ensuing 12 months of voting. A stepping stone for the President of Nigeria.

In consultation with leaders and stakeholders from 5 southeastern states, Atiku was accompanied by his working partner and Delta State Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, National Chairman Iyorcha Ayu, Executive Board Chairman, Adolphus Wabara, National Secretary, Samuel Anyanwu and Other chiefs pledged that his authorities will deal with any issues that are causing unrest across the country, especially in the southeast.

He mentioned that any authority that decides to revive the country’s financial system should stand by the people of the South East and praised their business and contribution to sustaining Nigeria’s financial system.

He also called on the young people, whom he described as being misled, to put their swords aside and stop the stay-at-home calls that roiled the region’s financial system on Monday.

He mentioned: “As you know, the South East is close to my heart. You may have supported me and I will always keep that in mind. Your children have played a very optimistic role in the progress of our country. They are key People, have played an important role in the PDP authority where I am deputy chairman. So they continue to excel in different roles around the world. You are a key contributor to financial action in this country, one that wants to revive our financial system and Authorities that offer alternatives to our people should support the southeast.

“I’m an entrepreneurial guy and I know that companies want to support the environment to thrive, and after they thrive, the country thrives. I don’t think the availability of infrastructure anywhere in the country is good for that half. If anything, It’s a good thing for the country because we are one country, one financial system.”

Noting that Nigeria is more divided than ever at this time, Atiku referred to their responsibility to unify the country through fairness, justice and equity, saying: “This approach, we are all able to develop our country and improve through a single course The lives of our people. This will require giving at every stage of this country a sense of belonging, not just through constitutional requirements about the nature of the federal government, but through the insurance policies, programs and mandates of the authorities, and our physique as leaders language and speech.”

He assured his authorities would restructure the state to make room for healthy contenders in many federal models, stressing that security systems could be repositioned and decentralized so that there could be state police.

According to him, a federal system that does not encourage competition among federal models is a flawed system.

“This reorganization is not good for any part or group of the country. Our country wants it very much to survive and prosper,” he said.

He also mentioned that his authorities will give full approval to Akanu Ibiam Global Airport to handle global flights to facilitate the development of the region.

Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, the district’s PDP chief and Enugu state governor, said the district has been home to the PDP, ensuring the party will win by any means in the ensuing 12-month polls.

Wabara mentioned that over the past seven and a half years, the region has suffered unspeakably under the control of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

“The last time we suffered because we were just PDPs, not discussing what we’ve realized it takes to be hated and loved,” he mentioned.

On behalf of the various PDP leaders in the region, he assured Atiku that their people would vote for the PDP in large numbers.

National Chair Ayu mentioned that the warm welcome they received indicated that the South East was the PDP and the PDP was the South East. Ayu’s mention of the PDP would give them a satisfactory status with the Atiku authorities, compared to his mention of the APC of the downgraded Igbo.

During the talk, Okova mentioned that ability will make the difference in the upcoming election, noting that “the answer to Nigeria’s question of who has this ability, who has this ability and data, who is that may matter to everyone.” Honest guy, who is that guy that gets everyone at their desk to debate with Nigeria to ensure fairness.”

All these qualities, he mentions that Atiku has an abundance of these qualities.

• Our Call – Ben Obi

Former Presidential Advisor Senator Ben Obi briefed Atiku on the guidelines for leaders of the Southeast PDP. The listing’s top priorities include making Enugu’s Akanui Bim Global Airport operational so planes can land and take off around the world, declare a state of emergency for highway infrastructure in the southeast, and connect the region with the rest of the country. Connect the rails.

A different requirement in line with Obi is that if Atiku wins the election, the requirement “to allow the southeast to enter the ocean, as the Atlantic Ocean is only 18 nautical miles from Ihiala/Oguta, take into account making the port of Onitsha operational and properly connected, addressing the security issues, promoting the construction of power crops in the Southeast, and appointing Southeasterners to key positions in the authorities.”

In addition, they called for a substantially liberalized enterprise setup to promote business and commercial prosperity, to develop and explore stable minerals within the area, and to restructure and decentralize power to a joint model.

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