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korean actor Nazhe Died Saturday, January 21. The 36-year-old actor has appeared in many of the biggest names in the Korean film industry. The South Korean actor’s sudden death has left many fans shocked and upset.

Nazhe cause of death

According to All Ok-Pop, the actor passed away due to “deteriorating health.” Star Information Korea added that the star is undergoing treatment to deal with his deteriorating health. The actor has made headlines for his efforts to stay healthy.

Na Chul is recognized for his work in the famous “Weak Hero Class 1” series. Currently, Na Chul plays the role of “Kim Gil Soo” and has received many tips from people on social media. In the episodes, Na Chul’s character forces many runaway youths to commit crimes for him, forever luring them into many troubles.

Na Chul’s other notable TV series appearances include “Happiness”, “SBS”, “The Best Way to Identify a Voice”, “In a Small Town” and “Vincenzo”.

The star has also been in films such as “Tyno”, “Tuning for Love”, “Sinkhole” and “Overworked”.

Actress Kim Go-eun, who worked with Na Chul on “Little Girl,” recalled the actor and his life on Instagram. She called him “probably the best actor ever.”

The actress shared several photos of her, writing, “Probably the best actor Na Chul.” She added, “Probably the best person, father, husband, son, friend Na Chul.”

Check out his article below:

In addition, the actress’s company said they had canceled the airport windshield designed for the star. She will attend the actor’s funeral, which will take place on January 23. According to the “Republic Observer” report, the funeral procession of the actor participated in the funeral of Suncheon Hyang University in Yongsan District, Seoul.

Na Chul’s Spouse: Is Vincenzo Forged Married?

Married to Kim Go-eun, Na Chul’s co-star in the hit Korean TV series Girls’ Generation.

Although his female co-stars hailed him as a loving father and husband, Na Chul has kept his married life private throughout his career.

Some have speculated that he wants to protect his family, especially Na Chul’s spouse and their children, from media attention.

Na Chul Spouse can be very low-key, respecting her determination to maintain a life out of the public eye.

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